Top fashion tips for teenage girls

Teenagers are perhaps the most excited lots especially when they hit college bidding adieu to their High-School days.

This also means a wardrobe change encompassing a range of colourful and casual wear.

To boost your self-esteem and self-respect being in trend and fashionable is just one of the best methods. In many ways, fashion is one of the great ways to make others known that you have arrived. 

As a teen, it is good to choose clothes that are well-fitted. This means that outfits that are too tight and small for your body size can actually create a stuffed look making you look like a slob.

Therefore, wear clothes that fit you properly and one that is fashionable and to help, here are a few tips that will make you look trendy.

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Flare Dress 

A Flare Dress reflects a classic style. It cinches at your waist and flares out around the hips that create a perfect hourglass shape. This dress is figure flattering and will make you look instantly polished for your college, internship, and even goes well for a party! 

Pencil Skirt

A Pencil Skirt is indeed a must in a teens’ wardrobe. It accentuates your legs creating a long, smooth silhouette that further enhances your curves making it ideal for boyish body shapes. This also keeps the worry of pulling your skirt down at bay keeping you comfortable at classes throughout the day.

Dark Skinny Jeans

A pair of Dark Skinny Jeans is a staple style statement for teens. Dark-rinse skinny jeans highlight your curves making your legs look longer and you, stunning.

Wrap Dress

A Wrap Dress is just ideal to accentuate your curves making it ideal for bustier teenagers.

Pair it with a cropped jacket that adds to the glamour factor. It is thus essential to pick up the right kind of jacket that does not make you look bulky or makes you completely disappear into it.


A jacket with asymmetric zippers takes the focus off your hips and thighs. Choosing a flared waist-line moto jacket carves out a larger waist and a longer flared style help accentuate a small waist.

You can alternate the jacket with a V-Neck Sweater which is a great choice to layer and flatter any chest size showing off your neck and collarbone.

While ensuring that you dress up well, you also need to give your nails and teeth good treatment.

Like everyone else, as a teen, you would want to use Nail polish as suggested by and would want others to appreciate your smile and hence, keeping them well-treated and in excellent order is essential.

When using makeup, less is more; all you need is eyeliner, mascara, and a concealer to cover up any imperfection.

Use Vaseline to keep your lips supple and have fun with different styles and colours while keeping your own personality intact and unique. In doing so, you will be the envy of others, but for all the right reasons.

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