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Natural Anti Parasite Solution for Pets

Conventional veterinary treatments for parasite infected pets include antibiotics, anti-parasitic agents, and topical medicated shampoos. The conventional Elizabethan collar is recommended to prevent self trauma.

Pet parasites are one of the most dreaded issues that a pet owner faces. This article is about exploring natural ways to treat and prevent parasite infection on your pets through natural options.

Most parasites feed on the blood of mammals; these parasites get attracted to the pets’ warmth, and movement. Most parasites go through a process of metamorphosis (life stages like egg, larva, nymph and adult). During the adult stage these parasites lay thousands of eggs. However these parasites need blood to progress to the next stage in metamorphosis.

There are several parasites that may infect your pets, some may be extremely small and some may be easily visible to the human eye. Some of these parasites are relatively harmless while some are deadly, a parasites like Dermacentor andersoni can be fatal. They can cause paralysis by releasing neurotoxin in their hosts. Parasites cause several diseases like canine babesiosis, lyme disease, canine ehrlichiosis, and paralysis. Most of these diseases are transmitted quickly and conventional insecticides are not effective with these diseases. A pet owner should be constantly looking for symptoms like weakness, pale gums, Flu like symptoms, joint swelling and fever.

Natural Treatment and Prevention

Parasite treatment and prevention is using common conventional pharmaceuticals can have very serious side effects. Most of these conventional medications like amitraz can lead to severe lethargy, weakness and vomiting and oral ingestion can even lead to death or coma. So pet owners should explore natural treatment and prevention.

Latest nano-technology has an answer for these issues, one such development is The Pet Protector. It is actually a metal disc charged with atom of scalar waves that repel all external parasites, fleas and ticks. The pets need to wear these discs.

There are no chemicals, batteries or external power supply for these discs. This disc derives its power from the “earthy magnetic field” and through the animal motion. The only condition is the disc should remain attached to pet permanently. The mode of operation is creating a frequency around the pet which prevents the parasites from coming in contact with the pet. However it will not kill the parasites and requires to completely disinfect the pet before you hang the disc in your pet’s collar.

However there are several natural ways to disinfect your pets before employing the Pet Protector. Some of the natural and non-toxic agents that can disinfect your pets are black tea, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, cedarwood oil. Even the most resistant parasites yield to neem oil.

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