Advanced molecular hair roots treatment

Hair treatments that focus on smoothing and straightening women’s hair have grown in popularity, but not all women are interested having artificially straightened hair

  While straight hair is advertised as easy to manage and more attractive than natural curls or waves, some of the more well-known straightening methods can severely damage a woman’s hair.

Instead of putting your hair at risk through expensive, potentially harmful, treatments; consider trying the advanced molecular hair roots treatment, an option for women who want their hair to be natural and healthy.

What is the advanced molecular hair roots treatment

Beleza Natural Hair Treatment is a new option for women who want attractive hair, but who do not necessarily want “straight hair”.  Initially created in Brazil, the birthplace of some of the most well recognized straightening processes; the advanced molecular hair roots treatment keeps the hair healthy without disturbing curls or natural waves.  The hour long treatment process is designed with the health of hair in mind rather than the idea that only straight hair is attractive and manageable.

How it Works

Like many Brazilian hair treatments, this is only available in authorized hair salons.  The application process is designed to be fast and affective, and only uses gentle chemicals that will not harm or damage hair.  During the hour long treatment a hydrating solution is applied to the hair that helps repair damage while strengthening hair follicles.  The entire process is designed to improve the health of your hair by keeping it moisturized while helping it retain natural curls and waves.

Who Benefits

This hair treatment is designed for women who have naturally curly or wavy hair that can be hard to style and maintain. 

Each treatment softens hair by moisturizing the hair from the roots and stimulating hair growth.  Many women who have positively reviewed the treatment process turned to advanced molecular hair roots treatment after damaging their hair through repeated straightening treatments and regular exposure to heated straightening appliances. 

The treatment has helped women regrow their hair after having to completely cut their hair because of severe damage.

Keeping hair manageable and attractive no longer means that you have to rely on expensive and potentially dangerous straightening products, instead you can keep your hair natural style this advanced hair treatment. 

The process hydrates hair while keeping curls attractive and easy to take care of.  Having an alternative to chemical relaxers and other smoothing treatments can help you avoid serious hair damage, or help you repair serious damage.

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