How to wear skinny jeans

There was a time, only recently, when some fashion experts declared that the reign of the skinny jean was over.

‘That was so 2012’, they whispered in the ears of anyone who would listen to at the big fashion events last autumn.

I beg to differ.

Let me take you back to a world, pre-skinny jean. It was a dark, lonely place. Girls and women everywhere were faced with a terrible choice: Wear flared jeans out in public, or, even worse, team leggings with any top in their wardrobe.

Whichever choice these poor people had to make, they would inevitably suffer from feelings of low self-esteem and a bizarre antipathy towards all ‘70s themed TV shows or a career as a lawyer…

Then along came that miracle, the saviour of daytime fashion – the skinny jean! No longer would women have to make disastrous choices of leg-wear. The skinny jean went with anything – a long top, a t-shirt, a blouse or even, dare I say, the odd dress, back in the 2000s (I never did).

‘Hurrah for the skinny jean!’ we would shout from the rooftops of my old boarding school. No longer would we battle with the combat trouser, the denim miniskirt or the Lycra leggings. Those days were over.

For many years we lived in harmony, at peace with both the fashion world and our inner fashion goddess. Back in the dorms, we would browse through the Style magazine on Sunday mornings and laugh confidently at the bizarre new looks we were expected to wear that season. ‘I can wear that…it will work well with my ripped skinny jeans!’ we would cry.

For us, no fashion innovation was a mountain to high to climb. How young and brave we were!

Alas, these times were not to last. The last few seasons have seen a storm brewing of mighty proportion between the skinny jean lovers and the alternative trouser-wear team.

What’s not to love about the skinny jean, I ask? It flatters most body shapes and creates a smooth outline that accentuates the female curve. A good pair of these jeans can smarten up even the simplest of tops. They can be worn at home to do the housework, to work on dress-down Fridays, or with heels to create a glamorous evening look.

Skinny jeans work well with accessories such as studded belts or high heels, in a way that flared trousers simply can’t compete with. All in all, they make the perfect choice of leg apparel.

This year sees some unusual and striking looks on the catwalks, looks that even I couldn’t laugh off as easy to wear. Think monochrome, think the metallic wet look and think ethnic prints.

In such tumultuous times, us fashionistas must both embrace the new and cling to what we know. Love the skinny jean, buy a new pair and wear them with pride!

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