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12 Things to Know About Latvia Before Visiting

Latvia is another Baltic nation where many people plan to visit every year. After the first world war, this country got independence. Before you go there, make sure that you research well and know what you can do there. It is one of the beautiful destinations you must visit once in your lifetime. There are many things to explore, and it is necessary to gather complete information about the nation.

Now, it is easy to book your tour with TravelAddicts. You need to board the flight from your city and reach the destination to navigate the city. In the following write-up, we will discuss various things that are a must to know for every tourist visiting the country for the first time. Consider all the facts in the following article.

1. Rapid Internet Browsing


If you love internet surfing all day, you can do it more with the fastest internet in Latvia. It is hard to access the internet facility in many places, and it can be a significant problem for some people. You can use social platforms or surf anything on the internet. As compared to other countries, internet services are pretty better.

2. Visit Other Places Other Than the Capital, Riga

People only know about the famous city in Latvia, i.e., Riga. It is because it is the capital of this country. Other places are left unexplored, but you should not miss them at all. You should plan for the visit to other countries. One of Latvia’s population lives in Riga because they love their country’s capital. As it is a capital, there are many things to explore that you must visit. n

3. The Brutal History

At the time of the World War II, the half Latvia population were killed. Many people were arrested, so this country is not densely populated. When you visit the place, you will observe this thing. But there is no need to worry because you know the country’s brutal history. If you plan to live there, you can quickly get home.

4. Many Lakes and Rivers


There are more than 2500 lakes and 11000 rivers in Latvia. You can visit the peaceful places in the city and sit near any lake. If you love boating, you can pick any spot and enjoy your day. You can also plan for small picnics and enjoy food while sitting near the water body.

5. Beaches

If you want to spend your vacation on a beach and do various beach activities, Latvia is the best place. There are many beaches here, and you can pick any location you like. Ensure that you carry all the necessary items in your bag while leaving for the beach party, like sunscreen, umbrella, bikini, sunglasses, etc. If you live in a country with extreme winters, you can choose to spend your vacation in a sunny location.

6. Greenery

Latvia is known for its extreme greenery. Many forests surround the country, making it relatively greener than other countries. When you step into this country, you will feel completely refreshed. You can plan for a safari to explore the jungles and see animals living there. You can concentrate on deer, beavers, wolves, birds, etc.

7. More Female Models


This country manufactures more women models every year as compared to men. Here, women are naturally beautiful and slim. They are perfect for the modelling profession. Women of this country go to different locations to get contracts and earn money. Other countries are also on the list, like Lithuania, Denmark, etc.

8. Oldest Design of Flag

Shockingly, the design of the flag is the oldest in Latvia. It was created in 1290, and there have been no further modifications until then. You must check out the flag properly and understand that you are looking at the oldest design.

9. Women Basketball Players

You may not know that many women participate from Latvia in basketball championships. This country gives a chance to many women to look forward to their careers in this game. Many famous players of Latvia won the titles consecutively. You should meet such players or visit stadiums. You can add such places to your bucket list.

10. Invention of Jeans


Everyone loves to wear jeans, and it is one of the everyday clothing that everyone prefers at casual events. Shockingly, the invention of jeans took place in Latvia. It happened in 1870 when an emigrated US individual requested a European to manufacture a strong pair of jeans. At that time, a pair of denim jeans were introduced. The fashion of wearing jeans is still trending, and it will stay the same in the future as well.

11. Beautiful Waterfalls

If you need to admire the beauty of waterfalls, then again, Latvia is the best place to visit. There are plenty of waterfalls in the country that are a must to explore. The spectacular vision and sounds will blow your mind, and you will plan to revisit the country. You can spend time near the waterfall and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. For memories, you can take many pictures.

12. Beer Lover Country

People of Latvia love to drink beer on different occasions. As compared to other alcoholic drinks, beers are considerable preferred. Many people also go for a beer bath or spa to relax. You can try this thing. While sitting in a warm beer spa, sip excellent beer and get a fantastic experience. Like local people, you can also enjoy things that they are doing.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, there are many places to visit and things to do in Latvia. Every year, many tourists come here and visit popular destinations. But many spots are left unexplored. Therefore, it is necessary to gather complete information about the country before visiting there.

When you are on vacation, the main aim is to enjoy the trip and spend money on things worth it. Hence, knowing the best things about this country is necessary to plan your trip accordingly. Ensure that you do your homework before visiting Latvia.

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