How To Save Money On Expensive Car Repairs

Costly car repairs can quickly take out all the joy you have in driving your car. But like most things in life, there is a way to save money on expensive car repairs. A trip to the mechanic can turn into a dreadful visit. Some repairs can cost north of $1,000. While it might seem logical to go ahead and pay, there is a way to avoid paying for expensive repairs. In this guide, w will tell you all about the best ways to save money doing that.

So with all that out the way, let’s start.

1. Snoop Around For A Good Mechanic


It’s safe to say that mechanics are valuable members of our society. They are the people responsible for making the repairs necessary for our vehicles to run properly. A car is not only an investment but a mode of transportation.

It can be difficult to go to your job without one, and even more difficult to travel. Considering that the average family in the US owns two vehicles, you must find a good mechanic to take care of issues whenever they arrive. If you go with a shady mechanic, you’ll be throwing money down the drain.

So the first way how to save money on expensive car repairs is to find a good mechanic. But how do you do that? The easiest place to start is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. If there is anyone you know that has a positive experience with a particular mechanic, it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.

2. Take Care Of Your Car On the Road

Reckless driving is one way to wear down auto parts. When on the road, make sure to take care of your car. This means avoiding potholes, proper gear shifting, and avoiding stepping on the pedal too much.

Everything you do while driving your car can affect parts. Hitting potholes will damage your tires. But even more so, it will cause damage to the suspension and steering. Revving the engine will cause more fuel waste. The more fuel you waste, the more you damage the fuel pump.

A fuel pump is a costly replacement that can be avoided if you run on low fuel. As mentioned previously, everything you do affects the vehicle. So instead of reckless driving, take good care of your vehicle while on the road.

3. Don’t Skip Regular Maintenance Checks


Every vehicle comes with an owner’s manual. This is a piece of document that lays out when you need to do maintenance checks. The biggest mistake you can do is skipping these checks. There is a reason why you need to replace certain parts after X amount of miles.

All the information you need is in the owner’s manual. Follow the schedules checks and plan in advance the costs associated with each check. Some replacements are costlier than others, but there is a way to save money on that.

4. Buy Used Parts

It’s safe to say that there is a huge market for used car parts. While you might not think much about it, used car parts can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But not every vehicle part should be a used part.

It’s advised against buying certain parts from a used auto dealer. The parts you should avoid buying used are those that directly impact your safety behind the wheel. These include the likes of airbags, brake parts, sensors, and more.

One of the most popular used parts that vehicle owners buy includes alternators, transmissions, and parts such as rear windows, and anything involved with the exterior of your vehicle.  As mentioned previously, tons of used auto parts dealers can help you save on costly repairs. By buying these parts directly from such vendors, you are paying much less than what you would for a new part.

If you’re interested in a vendor that sells quality used parts, make sure to visit

5. Get A Second Or Third Opinion


Even if you’ve found a reliable mechanic that gives you good prices, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek a second or third opinion. Independent mechanics are a great way to save money. They work independently and don’t have to abide by the rules set by specific manufacturers.

While doing this does come with a risk, that’s precisely why you’re going to get a second or a third opinion. If you’re in for a costly repair, it doesn’t hurt to take the car to a few other mechanics to pick their brains. Not only that, but you’re shopping around for the best possible price. There is a chance that you’ll get a much better quote by asking three people instead of one. And who knows, maybe they’ll give you a darn good deal.

6. Buy the Parts Yourself

If you really want to save money on costly repairs, then there is one tip out there that works excellently. Whenever you need to replace a costly part, the mechanic will give you a quote on how much the part costs and labor charges.

You can save a ton of money by supplying the part yourself. While the mechanic does indeed know where to buy this part, you know that as well. Remember the tip where we told you about buying used auto parts? Well shop around for the part yourself and only pay the mechanic for the labor.

Chances are, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars in the process. But this tip only works if you know what you’re looking for. Not every person is car savvy, but it’s worth your time learning a thing or two about cars.

Finishing Thoughts

Costly car repairs can be a nightmare to deal with. Not every person has an emergency fund available to them whenever a repair emerges. When that’s the case, you should do your due diligence and look at the best ways to save on costly car repairs. We hope that these six tips will help you do just that.

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