5 Coolest Mounts you Can Get in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

When we talk about video games and gaming in general, we simply cannot skip and not mention one of the greatest and most popular video games in the world. Yes, we are here to talk about World of Warcraft, or, to be more precise, the most popular mounts you can find.

Those playing WoW for some time now are well aware of the fact that Blizzard simply adores complicating gamers’ lives, and the same is with mounts. Namely, many of them are only available for a certain amount of time, and after that, it’s simple, those who got it – got it, and those who hadn’t, well, better luck next time. That is why we will today focus our attention on the coolest mounts out there, but also on those that could soon become unavailable.

1. Arboreal Gulper


Although it may look easy to obtain it, that’s only at first glance as the truth is slightly different, and it requires great teamwork and some speed and skill to succeed. The first necessary thing is to go to the big Mushroom, and in order to find it, you first must follow the enemies in Ardenweald and pick it when it drops off.

After that, all players should use it to summon Humon’gozz, whose kill gets us this mount. Yes, even reading about what’s needed may sound easy, but believe us, it’s not. Luckily, Humon’gozz is not difficult to kill, especially when more people try to do that because it is not too powerful, but the bad thing is that we do not have a lot of time when we find the mushroom because it degrades after twenty minutes, so it is necessary to be pretty fast.

2. Hivemind

Probably the best idea is to get this mount before all your friends move to the next expansion because it is necessary to use their help. Namely, it is not possible to get Hivemind without having a party of four (the help of four friends) since it requires five people who will solve a challenging riddle together.

There are many different guides online for those who seek some help and tips on how to deal with the riddle, and reading them can be quite helpful. It can be won only with a team of people willing to cooperate, so it is up to you to form your own and start the journey of adding this great mount to the collection. Hivemind is pretty popular, and many people want to have it, and because of that, it is a good idea to start as soon as it is possible.

3. Rivendare’s Charger


Unlike many other mounts in WoW, this one is still available even though is present for quite some time now. As for where to find it, the end of Stratholme would be a great place to start, but it can also be found in the newly retooled Naxxramas.

Now, there are some quite opposing opinions on whether it’s very easy or extremely difficult to acquire this mount, and in the end, it all depends on how prepared you are and how big of a party you bring.

But, what you should know is that everything that’s needed to get Rivendare’s Charger is some patience until you see this drop, and that’s mostly thanks to Blizzard increasing the drop chance for it, providing players with a unique and deeply satisfying solo quest.

4. Silky Shimmermoth

As you probably already know, to get or gain a certain accessory, or in this case mount, commitment and time are the two most needed things, and the same is with Silky Shimmermoth. It requires a seven-day dedication, and it is impossible to gain it faster, but it is worth it. As the first thing, we must complete battles in Star Lake Amphitheatre for seven days straight and, of course, win them, but also be careful when choosing the opponents.

We must beat different elites every day, and since they are rotating randomly, we must be careful and make sure that we are not fighting the same one. When we succeed in killing seven different rare elites and have 5,000 Anima, we are ready to buy it when we get out of the Amphitheater. All we need is to find the Master Clerk Salorn, and the mount will be ours in a few seconds.

5. Bruce


Bruce is a Brawler’s Guild legend, and it is a pretty rare and unique mount, which is why many people try to get it and add it into their collection. For some, having one is more about prestige, while for others, it’s more about its usefulness, but regardless of your intention of wishes, getting Bruce should definitely be on your list.

Depending on the side, Horde needs to solve the murder of Paul North, and the Alliance needs to solve the murder of Quackenbush in order to acquire this unique mount. It is not an easy job, and we can expect a lengthy questline, so it is necessary to be patient and calm during that quest. There is a big chance that Bruce will be removed from the game just like the other similar mounts, so it is better to hurry if you want to get it while you still have the chance.

To Summarize

Well, there you have it, in our opinion, the top five coolest mounts in WoW. Now, it’s all up to you, and you can either hurry up, gather friendly troops, and head up to get some mount while it’s still possible or decide to obtain one the other way. Wonder how? Well, WoW mount boosts are nothing new, and the only thing different is that there are way too many websites where you can get one. But, this list would not be complete if we wouldn’t offer a solution for this too, so if you want your boost right now and don’t have time to do research, just check out , and you’ll get all you ever wanted, WoW mounts wise, in one place.

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