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Simple rules to help you digest in a healthy and comfortable way

Tis the season of over indulgence with  family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners; and it is unrealistic to think that we will not at some point give in to the culinary delights of holiday foods.

But if we keep some of the following tips in our consciousness we can limit the destructive aftermath of feeling like a participant in Epicurean orgy.

I thought this might be a good time of year to visit the issue of digestion.  As you have undoubtedly heard before, digestion is crucial to your over all health. 

Different foods require different digestive conditions. Digestion of food depends on the nutrients in it and those nutrients are ultimately the fuel that keeps us healthy and vital.

The order in which you eat the foods on your plate can determine the quality of benefits you get out of your meal and will lessen the more undesirable effects of a poorly digested feast.

Of course, if you are not used to this idea of compartmentalizing your food, it may seem an effort; but it can be a fun and interesting experiment and will certainly be a reinforcing one.

A great way to start is to give thanks for the food in whatever way feels comfortable to you. It does not have to be an overt display and can be a simple inward acknowledgement of respect for the food, the growers and the preparer that brought this to your plate. This will set the stage for the beginning of a calm digestive process.

Protein is a word of Greek origin meaning “of first importance’. Remembering this will serve you well when sitting down to a meal. The priority in which you eat a variety of foods will have a large impact on how well your digestive system functions.

Protein rich foods require acidic enzymes for their digestion and carbohydrates require alkaline enzymes. Always eat protein first.

Leisurely chewing your food until it is semi liquefied insures your own enzymes are helping the process along. Pause, relax and digest before starting on the starches.

Because when acidic and alkaline foods arrive together in the stomach, digestion is impaired and remains incomplete.

This undigested food mass can cause various kinds of digestive disorders we have all experienced after a large or hastily eaten meal.

Undigested or partially digested food ferments from sitting too long and then it becomes the medium for bacteria. Rumbling, distention, gas and bloating are signals that bacteria are partying at your expense.

There are a few simple rules to help you along in the process of proper food combining and improved digestion.

You may want to start doing this now so that you can be one of the guests around the table during the holidays that feels energized and completely nourished while you wait that extra 30 minutes before dessert. Just say “no’ to GERD and heartburn, gas and bloating by eating sensibly and in proper combinations.

Some simple rules to help you digest in a healthy and comfortable way are:

  • 1.     Do not drink water within a half hour of your meal as it dilutes the natural enzymatic actions of your body.
  • 2.     Do not eat fruits and vegetables together…always eat fruit alone.
  • 3.     Vegetables can be safely eaten with protein or starches.
  • 4.     Protein always comes first and can be eaten with veggies but not with starches.
  • 5.     Wait at least 30 minutes before eating dessert.
  • 6.     Try to eat at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime for a more peaceful sleep.

Bon Appétit and Savor the Flavors!

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