Quinoa: The Superfood Of The Runner

Quinoa is an excellent source of nutrients for runners. A cup of cooked quinoa contains eight grams of highly bioavailable and easy to digest protein.

I love using whole grain cereals, to be alternated with pasta .

Usually I use them in my main meal which is usually lunch because in the evening I prefer to stay light, but in some periods of hard work for the race (preparation of mezze or marathons) I insert cereals (in a sooooo small amount compared to lunch) even in the evening.

-One of the cereals that I often use for its various and important properties is QUINOA.

  • To be honest, quinoa is a “pseudo cereal”, it is a seed that is treated and eaten as if it were a cereal.

-I don’t stop to tell you his story (I only tell you that he was considered “sacred” by the Incas !!!!!), where he comes from and blah blah blah, because we are interested in knowing his benefits on sport and our health !!

-I start by pointing out that it is one of the most complete foods from a nutritional point of view. It is used by many endurance athletes (even non vegans!) As runners (we like runners), triathletes and cyclists !!

  • This “sacred” pseudo cereal contains many proteins !! As many as 14gr per 100gr with a quality superior to other cereals and legumes and, listen, listen … it contains ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS such as LYSINE (which provides the formation of antibodies, enzymes, hormones [such as that of growth] and calcium fixation in the bones) !!!!!!!!!!!
  • As far as carbohydrates are concerned, these are high but in comparison to the other cereals they are lower because we find 64gr for every 100gr of which 7gr made of fibers (also very useful for our war machine !!)
  • Quinoa provides very important mineral salts for us “Race Psychopaths” !!!
    Such as -> phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Given the great use to gogo that we do in every holy job for the race and when we try our hand at competitions, with quinoa we have an excellent reintegration !!!!!
  • Vitamins are also part of this amazing food! We find B vitamins and also vitamins E and C !!!!
  • Let’s move on to the sore point …… … the FATS ………. Tatatadannnn they too are on our side (now I understand why they considered it sacred !!!). They are only unsaturated and are 6gr per 100gr !!!


Usually I combine it in salads with tomatoes etc. etc. or in hot or cold soups with legumes !! It is also very good with vegetables and used as a fake couscous !!!

It is also very good for sweets (I make bon bon with quinoa bitter cocoa maple juice and then I pass them either in the hazelnut grain or in the grated coconut on the coconut and its precious qualities I will tell you about it later !!!). ..or use it instead of breakfast cereals .. once cooked I combine it with a mousse of fruit only and a little bit of agave juice with a sprinkling of dried fruit into small pieces !! a super post workout breakfast !!!!!!

It is important to put it (before obviously its use and its cooking) in soaking with water and lemon then rinse it well and proceed with cooking !! Why water and lemon ????

Because quinoa also has phytic acid which, if not removed, reduces the absorption of the minerals contained in it!

P.Š. quinoa is rich in flavonoids such as quercetin and camphor, which fight against free radicals which are also produced by long-term intense and long-lasting workouts as well as having anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-tumor effects !!

Mamma Natura is always perfect by giving us lots of healthy and healthy foods that help us strengthen our war machine (our wonderful body !!!!!!!!

As always, good vegcorse and I hope culinary veganity !!!

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