how to be a vegan runner

Foreword: I’ve been vegan for almost as many years as I run !! I have always had my passion for running and there was no lack of opportunity to leave my house to take my ride in the neighborhood.

In 2016 I participated in a non-competitive one here in my hometown, New York, and hence the passion for the races … to get to know the world of running more closely with its “real and grueling” trainings.

Combining the race with my vegan diet, I saw that I had to change a little bit.
Increase here decrease there, study new plant foods, experiment with new couplings, but the energy I get from it is always at the top!

The first thing I want to underline is that most of the professional athletes who are champions (in my opinion we are all) even if not vegans adopt this type of diet!

So here are the bases for a load of excellent foods from which to derive all and I say all the super and mega nutrient micro macros that are in nature.

In my cabinet I have:
legumes of all kinds from the simple borlotto bean which has very little of simple because it gives us every good of mother nature, to yellow, green and black soy.

Cereals of all kinds, from those for breakfast to those for lunch and a little less for dinner (here I am of the opinion that you have to go to sleep as light as a feather. All the supplies have been well stored by our wonderful machine, our body)

Cereals should be whole. It is important to keep the grain intact, rich in every bandage.

If you browse here and there you can also see dried fruit (very important as good fat but also as protein intake)

Then a little more sheltered we have the dried figs (I am lucky enough to have the trees and therefore I dry them by myself, or rather with the dryer they lend me), the dates and the raisins

Finally the magic spirulina. One of the most important algae called superfood! Rich in chlorophyll and proteins (siiii !!) and taaaaaanti mineral salts.

For now I leave you here !! But don’t forget that at the base of the vegan diet there are them: fresh and seasonal vegetables (green leafy ones important) and seasonal fruit !!!

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