Running and yoga is the perfect workout combination

A strong and fast body combined with a light and durable mind. Sure it sounds worthwhile! If you are looking for exercise that strengthens both your physical and mental well-being, here are the reasons why you should try both running and yoga.

Yoga and running can feel like two very different forms of movement. The yoga is often slow, somewhat static and requires no more space than a yoga mat. It is based on a long, deep and controlled breathing, while running increases the pulse, makes the breath short and superficial.

As you run, the body moves forward, quickly and sometimes explosively. But as we move beyond the first view, it becomes clear how many touch points yoga and running actually have. And more importantly – how well they complement each other:

Easily accessible workout that works everywhere

Both running and yoga can be practiced with minimal equipment at any time. As long as you have a pair of running shoes and a yoga mat (or other mat) the workout can accompany you wherever you are. Starting a day of travel with a morning walk followed by a few sunsets in the hotel room gives a nice start to both the holiday and the work trip. Running and yoga both focus on the breath and the endurance of the body. They are also meditative in nature.

Physical and mental training since ancient times

Running is the most natural way for us to get along and has been there since we hunted and gathered for our daily food. According to the book “Born to run – the pursuit of the soul of the runner” (Christopher McDougall, 2009), our ability to breathe faster than we run was that we had longer endurance than the savanna’s animals, which physically can only take one breath per step. So we could run to death some of our prey. Yoga has also been around for a long time. More than 2,600 years ago, the principles of yoga were written in a script called Yoga Sutras, one of yoga’s most important texts that is read and interpreted to this day. Yoga sutras contains 196 sentences (sutras) that give advice on how to achieve peace of mind.

Yoga and running – the optimal training combination

With regular yoga and running training you get better fitness. You also get stronger at the same time as you get softer in the body, feel happier, more satisfied and less stressed. Any pain in the neck, back and lumbar spine will be reduced and you will probably sleep better too.

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