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Common Health Myths to Leave Behind

There are numerous times while majority of us know the correct answers, still, a surprising number of us would end up endorsing the old wives tales.  Yes, there’s a lot to keep in mind regarding the truth about your child from newborn through preschool without worrying about the common misconceptions.

Here are a few misconceptions and the truth about each one.

common health myths

Myth: Children with diarrhea should not eat dairy products

Fact: While it is true that diary can make the diarrhea severe however, it is best that you continue feeding your children her normal diet including cow’s milk that is if your child has a mild case and is not vomiting.  And more so, there is one thing that you should add to your child’ diet – yogurt, one with either lactobacillus rhamnosus or saccharomycesboulardi on the label.  With either of the two, it has been shown that the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt can reduce the duration of the diarrhea by more than a day.  Likewise, probiotics have been known to replenish the gut of the good germs that the diarrhea has taken away.

More so, it is very important to continue breastfeeding a baby who is suffering from gastrointestinal illness because breast milk contains the antibodies and prebiotics that battle diarrhea.

Myth:  Vitamin C helps ward off colds

Fact:  The cold fighting properties of vitamin C has been known since 1970 but a recent student has shown that there is no evidence that taking the vitamin helps prevent sickness.  It may just shorten the duration and severity of the cold but only if the person has been taking the vitamin every day before the symptoms has started.  For kids five years and below, a vitamin rich diet is suggested, like making them have fortified cereal, fruits, juices, strawberries and vegetables such as potatoes and other food that contains healthy doses of vitamin C.

Myth:  Reading in the dark causes visual problems

Fact:  Reading in dim light may result in eye strain and headache but there is no evidence that it will cause eye damage.  It is just the same logic when hearing a whisper.

Myth:  Caffeine can stunt a child’s growth

Fact:  There is no science behind drinking coffee and whether it would stunt the growth of the child.  Thus myth may have come from studies showing that can weaken the bones of older people but there is no link when it comes to young adults and children.  Coffee can only interfere with sleep, raise your child’s heart beat and blood pressure and cause jitteriness or indigestion.

So, if you are really confused with any health myths, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor.

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