How to prevent stagnation in fitness

Even the most enthusiastic fans of fitness encounter from time to time with periods of stagnation. This may be a loss of motivation to training, the appearance of overtraining – after all, we are all people (read “can make mistakes”).

But do you know that stagnation can be prevented before it starts? It can be destroyed in the bud and prevent violations of the training schedule. We made a list of the 12 most common causes of stagnation. In this article you’ll learn how to build a defense strategy and to overcome stagnation in training – even before it started!
How to prevent the 12 most common causes of stagnation in training

The reason for stagnation number 1: Big-time at work.

You’ve painted every minute: after work you go to the gym, train, take a shower and go home. But the day was just awful, leaning a lot of cases, and you stay at work late. You barely have time to dine, what to say about the training. All this took place, but believe me – the problem can be solved!

How to prevent: There are two ways out. First – to train early in the morning. Getting up a little earlier than usual – while still asleep – you can train in peace, no matter what the event is not prepared for the day.

Second (if you’re not a morning person) – to try to enter into your workout schedule. Even if it is a mere 15-minute breaks twice a day (for example, close the door to the office and work out with expanders). In any case, training is regarded as a duty that can not be carried over to tomorrow. Such short exercise are useful not only the body. They refresh the mind, allowing you to concentrate better at work – and work more efficiently!

The reason for stagnation number 2: gym bag (or something out of it) is home.

There’s nothing worse than coming to work – or to the gym – and to understand that a sports bag left at home, and with her sportswear and shoes.

How to prevent: Always keep a spare set of sports clothing in the car or at work (how convenient). At first glance this seems ridiculous, but believe me, the next time you forget the gym bag, spare would be most welcome. It does not necessarily have to be only the best equipment – an old pair of sneakers and old shorts and a T-shirt should be fine. If you are registered in the gym lockers, the best option – to keep a spare set there.

(Note: If you go to the gym before work, this board can be used for a business suit, in case if you forget something and the time to return home will not be!).

The reason for stagnation number 3: Gone motivation to train.

The motivation for the training tends to evaporate over time. Loss of motivation – this is one of the most terrible trouble for fitness enthusiasts!

How to prevent: The main way to prevent boredom and keep motivation high – establishing a truly meaningful goals and regular alternation of exercise. Sets new goals every quarter, month and week. This could be, for example, an evening walk before bedtime instead lie on the couch watching TV, or the desire to hold on to the treadmill for 20 minutes longer.

Set new goals or milestones that do not run out of interest for classes. Reaching the next goal, do not forget to reward yourself (download new film, buy a magazine about a healthy lifestyle or a new sportswear).

Also, each month a new and unusual taste it for you kind of physical activity (eg, free weights, Zumba, rock climbing, pilates).

New breath in training helps to maintain a high level of motivation.

The reason for stagnation number 4: weather is not ideal.

One of the reasons for which we can not influence, – the weather. Rain, snow, heat, high humidity – Mother Nature likes to throw up surprises in our training program.

How to prevent: As an alternate option, you can train in the area. There is no difference, whether it’s home aerobics DVD-ROMs, video examples of exercise or series of exercises that do not require any projectiles (push-ups, jumping, lunges, squats, work in press). Whatever it was, the training room is better than none at all. Bad weather is not a reason to skip your workout!

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