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10 Tips On Getting The Most Cash For Your Gold

Selling your unwanted items does not need to be a difficult experience. When you are planning to deal with a cash for gold company, some tips can help you get the most money for your items.

  1. Put some time into deciding which items you want to sell. If you are doing your spring cleaning, or looking through your jewelry boxes, you may find many items you do not want.
  2. Reasonably assess the amount of money you can expect for your gold. The value of gold depends on its weight, not its appearance or sentimental value. The best way to look at it is the heavier the gold, the more it is worth. Unless the company has stated that they buy silver or gemstones, do not expect to be paid for these items.
  3. All cash for gold companies are not alike. Choose the company that has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Before you put your jewelry and coins in the mail, make sure it is insured. While every possible measure is taken to ensure your gold arrives safely, there is a small chance that it could become lost in the mail. Insurance will protect you from this kind of loss.
  5. Read what other customers have said about the company. Many satisfied customers means you are likely to be pleased with your sales.
  6. An informed customer is a happy customer. The website should tell you everything you need to know. If the site provides contact information, you will be more confident in dealing with the company. When it is easy to send an email, or call directly, it is a good sign the company cares about their customers.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Legitimate companies want their customers to be satisfied with every aspect of selling gold, including the outcome.
  8. It is important to keep in mind the company cannot tell you how much your gold is worth before they receive it. They must weigh the gold to determine its value.
  9. It is also important to know you cannot get rich from selling your personal gold pieces. However, you can increase your earnings by choosing the company that pays the most. When they state they pay much more than other companies, you can get top-dollar for your gold.
  10. Your cash for gold company should offer a guarantee of satisfaction. While you are likely to be delighted with the cash you receive, there is the possibility that you may not. Whether you feel it is not enough money, or regret selling a piece of jewelry, a good company allows you to change your mind.

If you keep these tips in mind before you put your items in the mail, selling gold for cash can be a good experience.