10th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Ten years of marriage is a fantastic thing to celebrate! When you’re shopping for the woman who made all of your dreams come true, it’s essential to choose a gift that represents exactly how special the occasion is.

Here are 10 Anniversary gifts that are perfect for celebrating a decade of marriage.

Classic Gifts

The traditional material used for 10th-anniversary gifts is tin or aluminum. Of course, there are some exceptions where diamonds are more appropriate. Here are some beautiful choices that will show that special woman exactly how you feel.

Eternity Ring

An eternity ring for a 10th-anniversary gift is perfect! For ten years, the traditional composition of the ring is diamonds. An eternity ring is the ideal gift for anyone looking to upgrade their wedding set.

Personalized Aluminum Sign

Tin or aluminum might not sound that fancy, but a personalized, engraved aluminum sign will make any girl’s heart melt. Add a special message, date, or saying. Anything and everything is possible, so be creative.

Aluminum Heart Locket

If your wife loves jewelry, there are some amazing aluminum pieces out there. Lockets make beautiful gifts! Some even have hidden messages inside of them that your sweetheart can discover again and again.

Everlasting Flower

An aluminum rose, or another flower is the perfect way to represent the eternal nature of your love. Unlike a traditional bouquet, it won’t wilt. It will endure the test of time, just like your marriage.

Custom Engraved Sound Wave

What better way to remind your spouse of the promise you made her than to have your song or vows engraved as a sound wave? This beautiful sign is perfect for the music-lover!

Non-Traditional Gifts

Not every woman feels the need to follow the traditional gift-giving guide for anniversaries. In this case, you’ll want to make sure you select a gift that fits the woman your wife has become since your marriage.

Embroidered Family Portrait

We can’t think of a better gift for a woman who loves to craft than an embroidered family portrait. It can be customized for just you and her, or you can add in children and/or pets.

Dated Book Cutout

Although paper is the traditional gift for one year anniversaries, this custom dated book cutout is just perfect for the woman who loves to read!

Etched Birch Candle

If you were one of those couples that carved their initials into every tree, then this custom etched birch candle will be the perfect reminder of how your love began. It also makes a great addition to a spa basket if your wife is in need of some relaxation.

Stamped Cheese Board

Women love to show off their gifts. That’s why this stamped cheese board is the ideal gift for the wife who loves to entertain. She will get to brag about the fantastic gift you got her at every gathering.

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