5 tips for Starting a Relationship

The beginning of a relationship can be like when you enter an unexplored field, no matter how many times you have done this until now. There is no map.

Every girl has her own unique traits, needs and desires, and a boy cannot approach every relationship without adapting. Maybe you are ready to move on to the next level with the girl you meet, or maybe you want to be with a friend for whom you have developed feelings of love over time.

No matter how you get to this crossroads, these five practical tips will help you get off on the right path.

These are not tricks, rules or games. It is not just about meetings, at that time spent together at movies or dinner, for example. We will address in the following the things that will prepare you for something more: an emotional relationship, a responsible connection.

1: Be clear about what you want

Take things in stride. Identify what you want from a relationship. Look at the situation as a whole. Maybe you want to see several girls at the same time. Or maybe you want to fall in love and have a monogamous relationship.

Whether you are adventurous or responsible, relationships are much easier (and more fun) when you know what you want before starting a new experience. The brains naturally experience physical desire, romantic love and attachment (the feeling of peace and security regarding a long-term partner), according to experts in romantic issues.

They believe that it is possible to experience three types of love simultaneously. Some men feel the three types of love for one woman, while others may feel them for different women, sometimes even simultaneously.

What is most important to you? If you’re the type for whom all three kinds of love matter, it’s great! Just clarify what you want so that you can manifest in this regard.

Update your ideal relationship by making a list of the qualities you are looking for in a partner, such as: religious values, intelligence, hair color. Whatever you prefer, go on that list. Then, reduce the list to the qualities you can’t live without. You could have a list of 30 preferences but only seven on which not to negotiate.

Consider meeting only girls who fall short. Why? Simple: because it is possible to find the relationship you want. When you discover that girl who meets all the non-negotiable criteria, then she is special! Such a connection does not take place every day, so protect it and cherish it!

Tell him what your intentions are

Confess your intentions to the girl you meet. Do this relative to the beginning of the relationship, not after six months of dating. This means explaining to him your expectations and hopes not only about your future, but also about your future together.

Do you hope that the relationship will advance and be long-lasting, or do you plan a breakup soon when you go to college in the other part of the country?

Discuss before making assumptions, because manifestations and gestures can mean something different for each person, because each has its own way of being. Meeting with parents or intimate contact automatically leads to a monogamous relationship for many people, but for others it means only occasionally.

Remember, if you tell her what your intentions are, it does not mean that you know exactly if that girl is the right one for you or the one chosen to get married someday.

It is about the meaning of the direction of the relationship, not necessarily the destination. Where are you going? By answering this question, you will avoid poor communication, hurt feelings, lost time, and hurt pride.

Be yourself at the best level

We tend to look for relationships with people who possess the same qualities of good parents that we have, or with whom we resonate as much as possible in this regard.

It is a (subconscious) way of trying to solve unresolved issues with one of the parents. If you can identify them, it’s easier to get rid of that pattern that you don’t use at meetings.

After all, you can’t choose your parents, but you can choose your partner so that you will be able to be around your special friend yourself.

How are you normally when it comes to things like hobbies, humor, spirituality and goals? Do you change when you are around her? Let’s hope not much.

Of course, sometimes change is a good thing if it helps you evolve and mature. But in general, if you behave differently than you really are, just to please that girl, to impress her or to calm the spirits, then it is possible to meet the wrong person.

True affection is when someone likes you the way you really are, it is a form of acceptance, not a disappointment in which you fool a girl through false behavior. Stay close to the girls who appreciate you and encourage you to be yourself, the real one, not the ones who insist on changing for their own good and not yours.

Show her that you understand her

Most of the time, people give (and receive) affection in one of five important ways, as Dr. Gary Chapman says in his best-selling book, “The Five Languages ​​of Love,” which he defines as comforting. physical, words of encouragement, services, time given and gifts.

He supports the idea of ​​communicating your partner’s feelings using the language that resonates the most.

You can tell her a hundred times a day “I love you”, “you are beautiful” or other words that give her confidence, but if she is the type who prefers physical caresses, then she will not feel the true intensity of the words you are trying. to communicate them to him. Hug her and kiss her when she enters the door or massage her legs when watching a movie, because they will probably have a much greater resonance and she will feel cherished and close to you.

Much of the success of a relationship is given by how well you understand your partner. For example, do not give her roses if she has made numerous claims that wild flowers are her favorites.

If she values ​​the allotted time, then the strong point is to spend time in a way that is as pleasant as possible with her: accept her invitations for walks, watch the sunset together, turn off the TV and instead go out to dinner together or talk. Pay attention to him. If you don’t do this, she probably won’t feel loved or understood…

Pay attention to money

If you want to meet one or more people at the same time just to have fun, to live carefree experiences, it means that you are the type who prefers to mess up, have fun and spend a tight budget for young ladies.

But if you are looking for an intimate and maybe long-term relationship, then you are supposed to want to be with a woman who is your partner for how you really are to be – not for money (or lack thereof). Is it very easy to spend time in a pleasant way with almost anyone who prefers fun activities like serving dinner in nice restaurants, going to elegant events or living on a big leg, right? So, find out who you have the closest connection with when it comes to spending time together for free or cheap.

If you feel close and have great fun without spending a penny, it will probably unite your dynamic aspect more than the financial one when it comes to fun.

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