Anthony Consiglio-The Reality of becoming a Fashion Model?

The upcoming male modeling industry has been dedicated in finding those among the masses with special talents.

The ones who allure your attention to keep coming back for more. These ineffable qualities of star-power are rare, and hard to put into words. However, once you see it – you know.

Anthony Consiglio exceeds many expectations. If you tried to name a few characteristics drawing you to him you could say striking, intrepid, amorous, and that’s just a start.

The powerhouse model has some words for us to explain what it is like to be a fashion model.

Anthony Consiglio

In this line of work, blended with normalcy, there are unexpected moments. Thinking back to when I started in this industry, I began in acting background work.

Things were slightly different then. Models and actors now have social media platforms. So, even if they are not incredibly well known they can still have a relatively big following to articulate their views in a way they could not do once before.

There was no Instagram, or Twitter when I started. The agency I was with at the time directed where to go by email, or phone. Shit, I think Myspace was the go-to social media at the time.

Having an agency could really help you out. For example, if the job requires travel and stay then they will cover the expenses for you or the client.

To start, jobs will not always be scheduled, and can be last minute. Sometimes the photographers attempt to con you into full nude shoots. Meanwhile, others are professional, and ask you prior what your comfort level is.

As for getting your check, this is another hassle. After a job, depending on the company, you won’t see a check for a month. Certain scenarios I have had to chase after my money. These few examples come to mind, and can be very annoying considering this is my livelihood.

Now, I bet all of this sounds negative, but let me shed some light on the positive aspects of the modeling world. Traveling is a major plus, especially for me, because my lifelong goal is to visit every country in the world.

Networking, and meeting new people increases my chances of creating financial, healthy relationships along the way. I love challenging myself – so for me not knowing what’s in store next is a daily adventure for me. It keeps me on my toes to figure out ways to better myself more ways than one.

I would like to think I inspire some along the way. Being a role model is not about showing people how to look like you. It is about freedom – to break away from what society considers “the norm”.

The ability to show everyone this aspect of my career in being myself, and what makes me happy is what I strive to influence. Many people might view this as a negative aspect, but being a business savvy person, I see it as a good thing.

As a model, you are an independent contractor. This means you are investing in yourself. I am a firm believer of investing, so depending on how far you would like to go is based on what you are willing to spend on yourself. If I had to go back – I wouldn’t change a thing.

The current knowledge I have is paving new paths for me in life and that is itself is rewarding. To wrap this up, I will leave you guys with some tips if you pursue this as a career.”

  • “Learn to take rejection well, it’s inevitable.”
  • “Dont beat yourself up over not getting the gig”
  • “Know what categories you fall under, fashion(editorial), runway, swimsuit, commercial, fitness, parts(hands/feet), fit modeling, promotional modeling.
  • know that it will be quite some time before you make money.
  • Take good care of your body and get plenty of rest before gigs.
  • If it feels sketchy, it probably is.
  • have fun with it.

If you’re a model working freelance or seeking to attract agency attention, a lot of background work goes into showing off your best looks and can advance your career.

No matter what modeling experience you have, starting off with tailored knowledge from Anthony Consiglio could put you steps ahead of the game. Focus on highlighting your strengths that will enhance your standing for your modeling career.

You can follow him on Instagram: @anthony_consiglio

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