How to Ask a Girl to Go Out with You

Having the power to ask a girl to go out with you is something that all men would love to know how to do. There are several aspects of every encounter that you must follow in order to succeed. A prospect can come at any time so you must have your routine down in advance to get the girl that you want. Here is a quick tutorial on how to ask a girl to go out with you.

The 3 Second Rule

The 3 Second Rule is very straightforward. When you see a girl that you find attractive, do not wait more than three seconds to approach her. Women like men who know what they want and go after it. If you wait more than three seconds before you approach her, you might lose her to another guy, or she will wonder what is taking so long for you to go up to her. Make sure that you follow this rule and you will off to a great start.

Eye Contact & Body Language

Maintaining eye contact with your prospective girl is key. When you look her in the eye, you show her that you have no ulterior motives and that you are confident with yourself. She will appreciate a guy that looks her in the eyes when he talks to her. The number one thing that guys falter on is conveying confidence to women.

Your body language should always be open. Place yourself to the side of her look at her from an angle. This gives the illusion that you are an open person and have nothing to hide. If you stand straight in front of her, it will appear that you are closing her in. don’t put your hands in your pocket because this subconsciously conveys that you are hiding something. If you’re in a bar, don’t hold your drink up. Keep it to your side.


There are three things you need to accomplish in your conversation:

  1. Greeting
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. Mystery

The greeting is a very important part of the conversation. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Your greeting can be a simple “hello” or “Hi. My name is”. Don’t overdo your greeting with cheesy pick-up lines or gimmicks. Women see right through this and will walk away.

During your conversation, you want to acknowledge her accomplishments and her faults. This is a great tactic because it not only conveys confidence it brings her down to your level. Women hold all the cards in most conversations and you want to make it fair.

Acknowledge her education, her looks, and her personality when you are in a conversation. Also acknowledge her faults. You don’t want to overshadow her accomplishments with her faults. Pick on her a little bit. Make fun of her shoes or her incorrect grammar. Make it something very small.
Give yourself a little mystery by letting her talk seventy percent of the time. Ask her a lot of questions and you should be all right. Not giving too much about yourself away is key to getting her interested in the kind of person you are.

Asking Her to Go Out with You

Asking her out is the last thing on your list of “to dos”. You want to apply all of the knowledge that you have gained thus far and use it to ask her out. Use the information that she has told you to gain her trust and her interest. You can use what she likes, what your common interests are, or something that she has never done before.

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