how to attract women without talking

“Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.” — Napoleon Hill

Knowing how to attract women will make a man more confident and more successful with the ladies.

Attraction has less to do with looks and more to do with presentation. And attracting women has as much to do with who you are as anything else.

An attraction is a normal human desire for the opposite sex. In order for a man to be attracted to a woman, there are some important factors.

For starters, how a man thinks about himself comes through to how he carries himself.

His self esteem and confidence would certainly be the first impression. To be attracted to a woman, a man may need to do some self examination.

Taking steps to become healthy, if he hasn’t done so already. Choosing healthy foods and exercise a few times a week would certainly be noticed.

He may even join a health club, which would also be a good place to attract someone who is on the same page as he is.

When coming across to a woman, a man has certain characteristics that he may use to let a woman know that he is interested.

At first, eye contact is very important. He may look a little longer than usual, with a smile or a wink, or wave to say “hello”. Notice he hasn’t said anything yet. Most of our human language is done through body language, and it can say a lot.

A man who is confident will slowly move his way to the woman he is attracted and interested in.

This can be done anywhere, from a grocery store, in a restaurant, a day in the park, etc. He will start real slow, and become stuble in his adventure.

For some men, conversations with woman comes easy and naturally. For others, it takes little more work. With practice, it does come easier.

Some men are attracted to older woman, there is to be another important factor here. First of all, to be yourself.

A older woman has maturity and different expectations and priorities at this phase in her life.

No longer is a older woman looking for a man to start a family or to raise children. They are more than likely looking for companionship.

Most men, if not all, want to be with a beautiful woman. When a man has self respect, confidence, and a good sense of self, he will attract his likeness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not just with a physical attraction, which is important, but also with a good mental attitude and emotional state of mind.

Remember men……take care of yourself and acquire confidence along with self assurance, and begin to attract woman like a magnet.

Specific suggestions for how to attract women:

  • Keep a positive attitude, too much negativity is not attractive, especially with the older woman.
  • Keep your focus on the woman your are with, the older woman are attracted to this.
  • Keep your discussion regarding your self, ex-spouse(if you have one), children, and finances to a minimum.
  • Be a good listener
  • It’s ok to show your youth with the older woman, being fun and excited is attractive, letting her know that you enjoy life. It isn’t real important to her at first to show maturity.

Being attracted to someone and flirting can be an easy and natural encounter between two people.

Just relax, be yourself, and enjoy the moment. You both may learn something about the opposite sex or yourself.