Ritual to attract the unconditional love of the man in your life

We consider love a phenomenon that happens by itself, effortlessly, based on attractions and compatibilities.

Usually, we see love as something wonderful, but to which we do not actually contribute, but simply takes us by surprise, takes us up, pushes us irresistibly to another person.

In other words, it is something that happens to us without us having an active role. But this “traditional” conception can change if we meditate more on the power of the mind.

It is possible that our will and concentration will actually attract love into our lives, and certain rituals will bring us that unconditional love we have always dreamed of.

The power of ritual

A ritual is a symbolic action that involves gestures, words, objects, which take place in a certain order, whether it is a series of practices, a succession of incantations or mantras or a number of symbolic steps that we correlate with the fulfillment of a wish or with protection from evil forces.

When we perform a ritual, we are the ones who act on the world, in a magical way, orienting the Universe to respond to our needs and desires.

Rituals related to love have been known for centuries, from magic formulas to love elixirs, which must be consumed only under certain conditions, under certain planetary auspices.

Recently, however, it was discovered that the conscious repetition of words or phrases can amplify our desire for the loved one, turning it into a real force of attraction, which ensures the unconditional love of our loved one.

A ritual to bring love into everyday life

Here is an extraordinary ritual, which, practiced with care and dedication, can attract more love into our lives. This ritual is recommended by the founder of the School of Light, a school of spiritual education with transformative effects.

10 things that will make him love you more

  1. When you make him coffee in the morning, say to yourself: “I put all my love in this coffee. May my love awaken his soul every day. “
  2. When you cook something for him while chewing food (counterclockwise), he says in his mind: “my love feeds his heart with every sip of this food.”
  3. When you wash his clothes, you say, “My light cleanses his being with his clothes, and fills his body every time he wears them.”
  4. When you ask him if he is late, before pressing the “send” button on the message, he says “my love is timeless and you are always welcome, my love is not in a hurry, it is not impatient, it is not worried”.
  5. When you give him a gift when you hand it to him, you say in your mind: “my joy accompanies him, my love amplifies it, my light cleanses him”.
  6. When you kiss him you say to yourself: “my soul kisses your soul with my love”.
  7. When you ask them to help you with something, you say to yourself: “I send you my love in advance as support and reward”.
  8. When he drives you somewhere by car, you say to yourself: “you travel in my thoughts and heart and you receive my love in every way”.
  9. When he is gone you say to yourself: “there is no time and space for love, you are right now with me, through my love”.
  10. When he is angry or depressed, you say to yourself: “love knows no obstacles and no anger resists my love. Be blessed by my love.

As you have probably noticed, this ritual involves every action related to the man you love to include some kind of incantation or blessing that accompanies him everywhere.

The power of good thoughts and words is what can turn your daily activities into true spiritual gifts for the people you care about.

By practising this beautiful ritual regularly and confidently, you can be sure that unconditional love will enter and remain in your life.

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