5 Fun Places to Have Sex!

1. Forest Area/Outdoors

Behold the great outdoors! Whenever you decide to be sexual outside, make sure there are no families in the area.

There are plenty of reasons to get some outside: the allure of possibly being caught, the romanticism of a fall day or the summer sun, the lushness of the scenery, etc. Not to mention the spontaneity of the  whole endeavor.

Be careful for looming passerbys and don’t go too far into the forest or rest area.

Hmmm…don’t forget to grab your panties on the way back to the car, either…

2. Coat Closet

Maybe you’re at a friend’s party, work get together, or in your very, very chaotic house.

And all of a sudden, you and your beloved are feeling a bit amorous. Get thee to a closet!

In all seriousness, there is a certain excitement to making out in a closet when you can hear partygoers talking just two feet in front of the door.

One turn of the doorknob is all that veils your privacy. And that could be one of the reasons to try it…

3. Swimming Pool

Rub a dub dub. Oops, wrong place. Although, this suggestion was inspired by bathtub bubbly delights.

Some of the sexiest aspects of making love in the shower or bathtub are the dripping wetness and slippery skin.

Now, just take it to a swimming pool or hot tub. Slippery skin can be quite a turn on, but having sex in a swimming pool provides its own challenges.

Finding perfect leverage might be difficult, but make that  part of the fun! Hold on to the ladder, steps, or side of the  pool to maintain the position better.

The slightest shift in position can make the difference – you never know when moving a foot six inches will make you hit other pleasure spots. 

And don’t forget to have a floatie or big rubber duckie to disguise your antics in case a family member wanders into the backyard.

Speaking of which, though, the allure of being caught just might add to the excitement…

4. Dressing Room

I recently ventured into a lingerie store (strictly for research purposes, of course) and observed a couple shopping together. Either the employees just didn’t notice or were turning a blind eye when the man joined his partner in the dressing room. Maybe he was just there to give advice on the outfits she was considering…or maybe not.

Imagine you are in a confined space with your honey, all the while making out with voices of shoppers and employees in the background. The small space and allure of being caught could add some more fun to this frolicking expedition…

Also, being surrounded by sexy lingerie will definitely put ideas in your head…

However, we suggest buying your lingerie online from reliable sellers such as first and instead of using the one from the store…therefore a sexy bikini under your skirt might be enough to get the party started. 5. Your Couch!

Send the kids to your parent’s house and make sure you have some privacy. Light some candles and make use of this useful piece of furniture. The cushions are usually firmer than one’s bed, so the various angles can enhance your chosen position. Simply put, there are endless G-spot stimulating ideas on the couch!

What do you think of these ideas? Which is your favorite? Or do YOU have an EVEN BETTER IDEA? Send me your feedback! Don’t keep your fave place to yourself – share! And maybe I’ll include some of the best ideas in Friday’s reader comments. But stay tuned for Wednesday’s article.

Let’s just say you could probably write a book on this subject. In the meantime, keep your mind open and your heart full. 

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