How to make friends in a new city

Change. Voluntary or less volunteer. Wanted or not desirable. Major or small things. We are afraid and we have emotions about it. Over time, we all go through changes like moving to a new city, advancing to high school or university or finding another job. The first thing to think about is, “Will I be accepted by the people there?”, And we make all sorts of scenarios in mind with every mistake we might commit.

I have often faced change, and over time, sometimes from my own mistakes, sometimes from personal development books, I have discovered some ways to make friends in a new environment.

1. Leave prejudices at home

Even if you’ve heard some gossip about the new directory, the new boss, block administrator, or future colleagues, do not let you down the impression that you’re stepping into the new environment. Sometimes they are just meant to discourage you from having an open vision. It gives you the chance to create a good impression for every person who goes through your life.

2. Memorize the names of the people you come into contact with

The most important word one can hear is his name. When you meet a new person, try to remember his name. Many times we are going to forget someone’s name as soon as he tells us. To keep it in mind, write it on a small sheet of paper or repeat it in mind several times as soon as it tells you.

If it happened to forget, apologize to the person concerned and ask her to repeat it, and on the first occasion you interact with her, show him that you have saved him this time.

3. Make honest compliments

Linguistics is not ethical and is quickly discovered. When you have the opportunity to see an improvement, a healthy habit, or something worthwhile, make sure you do not make it known to others. We are all attracted to those we love and notice the little attempts to improve our own image.

4. Do not gossip

We all know that those who gossip with us today will be gossiping tomorrow about us. Many times, even if we accept those who slander others around us, we do not treat them with confidence. This is true and vice versa. If we avoid gossiping others around our new knowledge, we will instill respect and discretion.

5. Smile

Nothing says better, “I can not wait to meet you!” As a welcoming smile and a serene face. Whatever emotions or fears you have about the new situation, an optimistic position will help you get over easily.

Your life is going through some changes recently? There is no need to worry. Arrange yourself with an optimistic attitude, with great patience, and prepare to remove the barriers between you and your future friends!

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