How to Make Him Jealous and Want You More

Among the many tactics with which you can enliven your relationship, jealousy is one that you must use with caution.

A drop can be beneficial, but if you exceed even a little the recommended dose, this feeling can turn into a real poison for a couple.

If monotony has begun to speak for itself and you want to move your lover’s blood, find out how to subtly make him jealous so that he realizes that he is still crazy about you!

Simple ways to make him jealous

When we say to make him jealous, of course we do not suggest you do something that hurts his feelings, but only to give him an impulse to remind him that you are a desirable woman, for which he must fight.

Maybe it’s because you love him so much, you’ve always been available to him, and because of that, he gave up trying to keep you. Now, however, is the time to change something and rekindle that flame that has subsided over time!

Change your look

When was the last time you changed your haircut or when you only went out with the girls, looking like a diva? Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have to look great, on the contrary.

Buy a few clothes totally different in style from what you wore until now, use a bolder type of makeup and make sure you stay in shape with a healthy lifestyle.

Arrange yourself every day as if you were going to a photo shoot and you will see that, in the shortest time, your boyfriend’s heels will light up after you. At the same time, he will suddenly have the revelation that, no matter how sexy you are, someone could “steal” you at any time!

Pay less attention to it

Did you get him used to being there 24/7 for him? Then it is very likely that he has learned to behave like a spoiled child, who receives everything he wants in an instant. It’s time to make him covet a little for your company and appreciate it more. S

how her that she is not the center of your universe: go out with your male friends, do not avoid interacting with different men on social media and do not refuse innocent flirtations, which you know do not go anywhere, but are fun. After all, you do nothing but enjoy the fact that you are young and beautiful!

Praise a friend

You definitely have a friend around who can know something better than your boyfriend. No matter what it is, you have a little trick at hand to make your partner jealous: praise your friend in front of him.

Automatically, your lover will compare himself to him and, even if he never recognizes you, small sparks of jealousy will ignite in him.

After all, what man wants to know that his chosen one spends time with a potential rival, who is even superior to him in certain respects?

Do not answer the phone immediately

Sometimes we don’t give our halves a chance to miss us. If you answer calls and text messages immediately, a simple way to make him jealous is to, from time to time, put the phone on silent mode and pretend to be too busy to talk to him. However, do not abuse this strategy, but only apply it from time to time.

Be the soul of the party

When you go to a party or meet more people, do your best not only to look ravastor, but also to have conversations as interesting as possible with everyone.

It attracts the attention of people around you, especially men. You can even exchange numbers with them and keep in touch.

When he sees how much interest you arouse, your boyfriend will not only be jealous, but he will also understand that you could have any man, but you chose him.

When wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous to spice up the relationship a little more, remember a simple rule: men want the most they can’t have.

When you move in this direction, however, be careful to play your cards with mastery, so that you do not end up moving him away from you and not arousing unfounded suspicions.

If you prove to her that you are an independent and confident woman, she will eat from your palm!