How to touch a guy to turn him on

With pretentious and sexually experienced men it is no joke! They have high expectations, they are difficult to satisfy and they get harder under the skin. After all, this is not bad at all, but rather a challenge for women to know how to awaken an experienced man.

The easiest way to excite a man is to go to his intimate area, in an erotic setting. However, the other erogenous areas of your partner should not be forgotten. Do not rush and go through everything, at least with a light touch or a whisper.

The mind

Perhaps the most important erogenous area of men is the brain. Tell him you want it, whisper something sexy to him … Sexologists assure you that a high arousal of the nervous system leads, in the right context, to a high sexual arousal. When the mind only walks in sex, the body will blindly follow the pattern.

The area behind the knee

You might think about it in this area, but it turns into an extra erogenous area when excited. It is sensitive to touch in this area because the skin is very fine and full of nerve centers, so he will like to comfort and kiss it. Surprise him with a comfort in the area, with circular and slightly pressed movements of the belly of his fingers.


Many men want to be kissed and touched in the chest area before their girlfriends move on. Have you noticed how a man swells his breasts when he wants to impress you? This is the area that exudes masculinity, so it needs special treatment. Touch her breasts when you look into his eyes and you are already waking her senses.

Sacrum bone

The portion of vertebrae above the posterior contains nerve centers which, if stimulated, can also cause orgasm. Stimulate this erogenous area with a gentle massage with your fingertips or even your tongue.


The lower thigh area is often ignored since his penis is in the vicinity. He learns that stimulating the area around the intimate one serves as a sexual appetizer, as it stimulates his senses, gives him sexual tension and prepares him for the enjoyment of the sexual act itself.

Kiss him as he deserves

It seems like a tiny gesture in the prelude, but you can excite an experienced man just by kissing him very intensely. Slowly bite her lower lip or tip of tongue, catch her tongue between your lips, kiss her “Cupid’s pillow”, which is the area on the middle of her upper lip.

Sex on the phone or through messages

A real sexual condiment and a practice that the experienced man will not refuse! Sex on the phone means using erotic expressions and a sexy tone while telling something erotic, to provoke the one at the end of the sex lust. Foreword before I get home? Of course you can, if you want to jump on yourself as soon as you enter the door!

Men are on Mars, and women are on Venus. Our desires, habits and behaviors differ greatly. That is why just reaching a common denominator will help us to have a happy and fulfilled relationship. Acceptance of differences is the first step, but not the decisive one.

Where love is, nothing is. So it is love that can overcome these differences and accept us as we are. Although it is difficult for us to express our feelings sometimes, certain gestures can convey the right message to our partner.

Men are not only attracted to faces and bodies, but also to souls. Therefore, the gestures of affection are the ones that will bring us closer and that will help us to move to another level in the relationship we have. Although you would think that any kind of touch matters, it seems that men respond better to certain gestures.

In the gallery above you will find out what a man does to worship you.

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