I Cheated on My Husband With a Woman

Ever since the world and the earth, sex and, especially, love generate headaches and confusion, because the mind does not put itself with the heart or with the primary instincts. In most situations, a piece of advice or a simple statement of the problem can bring solutions.

I think I’m bisexual… or… I’m confused. I have been married for 4 years, I have a wonderful man, whom I love immensely, but I cheated on him… with a woman.

A week ago, I went out with my friends, and the bartender was very nice and nice. I drank more and talked to her, because I was struck by her style of being… provocative, confident, bold – a sexy young woman. It is certain that at one point, I was left alone with her and she kissed me.

Then she told me that if I wanted to wait for her, we should go together. I said no, but I continued to sit, to drink… Well dizzy, I gave up. I went with her and had an intense adventure. I know it was just something for one night, it was clear that… The problem is that I liked it, and now I ask all kinds of questions about… my choices. Do I like women or was it just from alcohol?

On the one hand, I’m ashamed of what I did, on the other hand… wow, it was great, even though I never saw myself in bed with a woman. I would also like to mention that I am 28 years old, and my husband was the first man I had a relationship with.
Read the whole news: Adela advises you on sex and love. “I cheated on my husband with a woman and I can’t forget the moment”

Our answers

My dear, Erotic experiences between women are often memorable, for the simple reason that a woman has much more empathy, she knows how to feel and how to touch another woman… because she is just like her. Men are different, many of them don’t even know how to behave with a woman.

They pay attention only to their own needs and impulses, while the woman feels used and is left with a feeling of misunderstanding… until she meets a woman, who shows her how she should feel. Imagine being a man who knows how to feel like a woman!

There would be even more… Such experiences exist, provided you teach your husband to be as attentive to you as possible. I don’t think it’s appropriate to think that you actually like women. You had a valuable experience, which enriched you a lot. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Obviously, alcohol-induced relaxation also played a role.

So, enjoy what you have discovered and move on with your life, without building up problems where they do not exist. Your boyfriend will feel that there is “something special” about you, without knowing what. This will make him even more attentive, and discover new behaviors, which he did not know he was capable of. Sexual experience is gained over time…

Read the whole news: Adela advises you on sex and love. “I cheated on my husband with a woman and I can’t forget the moment”