The Funniest Messages for Boyfriend

Men also have their moments of sensitivity and need tenderness and fun from you. Even if women are the ones who most often say “it makes me laugh”, it does not mean that they do not have the same needs.

See some funny messages you can send to your boyfriend to cheer him up when he has a hard day.

I love you like a fat kid loves a chocolate cake!

I’ll tell you something: I really like a guy I met recently. She is nice, she has a sense of humor, she makes me feel like a child, but she manages to convince me that I am the sexiest woman in the world at the same time. He’s ugly, has a big nose and snores terribly, but I think I love him. I hope you don’t get too surprised and upset. His name is…. (Your boyfriend’s name).

Normally, I’d tell you to come to me tonight. But it’s so hot these days. Do you realize how much I would pay for electricity if you came and heated the atmosphere, as you usually do? I should keep the air conditioning to a maximum. Bring some ice, I put the beer in the fridge.

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I never asked you, do you know how to give first aid? Not the other way around, but he faints me every time I see you and I think I don’t even breathe normally when you kiss me. If you look at me with those eyes of yours, I may need resuscitation.

A friend asked me what I like about you so much. My best friend quickly covered my mouth with her palm and told her it was a dangerous question, that I would never shut up again.

What is the difference between a boyfriend and a husband? About 20 kilograms

(perfect SMS after an argument) Let’s just say that women don’t know a joke. Look, I have a great sense of humor, I’ve only been with you for x months / years and I still haven’t died.

Honey, I have something to tell you… I broke your laptop / tablet / console / mobile / car mirror (depending on what is most expensive and dear in the world)… I’m kidding, I just cheated on you.

I’m out, can you see me? I shake your hand. (he will answer no). Perfect! My invisible cape really works! I love you!

Hello dear customer. The bank of love offers you today a loan of 100 kisses, without interest and without guarantor, as a thank you for the services brought from the subscription until now. We hope your safes never run out and you invest smartly in our long-term warehouses.

Be very careful today, I heard on the news that someone is kidnapping the most wonderful people in the world. Please get out of work and stay in bed, I’m coming to defend you now!

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I would like you to move in with me, to love you, to take care of you, to feed you, to wash you, to kiss you every day and to take you out for a walk. But my mother won’t let me keep endangered animals in the house.

The funny messages you send to your boyfriend can cement your relationship and so you can show him other sides of you, giving him new reasons to love you forever.

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