These zodiac signs make the best couples

Everyone has oppinions about which the signs are compatible and which are not. It is easy to see that a Libra will be understood quickly with a Gemini or a Pisces and a Scorpion … they will be magnetically attracted to each other. Or that are exasperated by Aries and Virgo can not bear Sagittarians.

However, there are couples who, according to the classical criteria, would not necessarily be compatible. And yet, something special holds them together, sometimes despite obvious inconsistencies. We refer here to a very special type of couple, formed between the natives of the two signs having the same governor.

In traditional astrology before the discovery of the Transsaturnian planets, each planet governs two signs: one with its minus, receptive, feminine aspect and one with its dynamic, emissive, plus, masculine aspect. And when the natives of these two zodiacs interact, something magical happens: somewhere, deep within their soul, they feel the fullness of “something”. As if the other one brings him the “missing half”. Not in daylight, not if I’m talking. Not even if they make love. But somewhere deeper, where you can only say, “I don’t know why I love him … but I love him so much!”

Gemini  – Virgo couple

It is true, for the calculated Virgo, the Gemini are too libertine and airy, and the Twins would prefer a playmate more expansive than the Virgins. And yet, if I manage to overcome the surface inconveniences, I can make a magic couple. Especially on a mental level, where Mercury’s boss is, I make a great pair.

Taurus – Libra

The possessive Taurus does not like that Libra is nice to everyone, and the Libra finds the Taurus somewhat obtuse and limited only to “his”. But if they love each other, especially in the moments of intimacy, they will be able to experience the most complete state of joy and satisfaction.

Aries – Scorpio couple

I can separate their competition and desire to control each other, but if I find harmony beyond that I can form a very passionate and stable couple. It is important not to discourage each other and have as many activities together.

Sagittarius – Pisces

For them it is the hardest, given the quadrature that separates them. The optimistic Sagittarius is challenged by Pisces’s emotions and sensitivity, and the Fish can be decomposed by their dynamism. Beyond that, there is a “Something” that brings them closer and complement each other.

Capricorn  – Aquarius

You would say that a serious and pragmatic Earth sign, like Capricorn, and Aquarius idealist would not have much in common. And yet, between them can be established a mysterious harmony that makes them one of the most resilient couples.

Leo couple (Sun) – Cancer (Moon)

Although it is about two celestial bodies so different, in esoterism they are considered as the plus (sun) and minus (moon) of the same energy. Of course, the Lion could be attracted to a personality that is brighter than the sensitive Cancer, or the Cancer might feel overwhelmed by Leo, but paradoxically, they can form a magical couple, in which they complement each other wonderfully, just like their zodiacs. they are considered the Father and the Mother of the Zodiac.

In  2020 astrology, a special attention is paid to the compatibility of the zodiacal signs, of the man and the woman. Astrologers divide relationships between partners on several levels.

The first level – the spiritual connection between the people in love.

The second level – sensual love, expressed through the physical attraction and harmony of love relationships.

The third level – the crazy passion, when the partners match not only by calculations, but attract each other.

The fourth level is the supreme cosmic love, which involves the love of everything that is alive, the aspiration to the ideal, when man creates in his soul an image of the perfect loved person.

At present, the horoscope of compatibility between the signs is very famous. Obviously, he lacks an individual approach, which is why his accuracy is a bit of a chore. But it still helps you to get at least one idea.

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