When will i meet my soulmate

Each of us is looking for the right partner, the man who can support us in everything we do, to be with us for good and for hard.

If life has given you enough karmic lessons, if you’ve learned anything from previous relationships, if you think about someone who will be with you all your life, then your soulmate might be closer than you think.
8 signs that you are about to meet your soul mate

Dreams that you will become romantic dreams – from where until now you had quite dubious dreams, now you will start to have more and more romantic dreams. You may not remember them all, but the memory of a dream sensation will persist all day. Some people recognize their dream soul, that does not mean that you will always remember your dreams but that at the right time you will be able to recognize it, even if you don’t know why.

Personal development is very important – romance is attractive, and the idea itself will attract thoughts of refinement, development, evolution. From the physical to the intellectual, everything will seem essential. Because you feel you want to attract someone, you will start to make positive changes.

You know the meaning of life – when your soul mate is just around the corner, then you will realize what the purpose of your life is. If until now you felt lost without any purpose in life, things are changing now.

Love surrounds you – if until now you did not give much importance to the colors of the lovers, now you take them all the way. The smells you never saw before appear now on every street corner in front of each church.

You already know how your soul mate should be, you already have a sketch in your head.

New opportunities are emerging – you will interact with more people, you will receive more invitations from family and friends, you will meet more people. Do not stay locked in the house, more than likely the soul mate will not ring the door!

You feel ready – when your mind and body are on the same wavelength, ready to meet the right man, then the signs are clear.

The relationship of the past now seems more like a life lesson – even if you are alone, you feel good about yourself. You don’t need someone else for a good amount of time. You have learned many things from the previous relationship and you know you will not repeat the same mistakes again. When you feel ready to experience He / She will not be late to appear.

Pair souls can make an appearance in our lives and accompany us for a shorter or longer time, they can show us a way or save us in a limited situation. They may stay for a few hours or a lifetime, but each time they have a powerful impact on us.

Communication with the soul mate is italic, harmonious, as if you have always known yourself, as if you were meant to know yourself, and often the words are superfluous, you only understand from your eyes. The positive energy you feel coming from the soul mate is, most of the times, overwhelming. He does not make you suffer, he does not cause you pain, he does not burden you, but he shows you the lesson you have to learn, in the most natural way. If we feel, however, certain obstacles or negative emotions, it is possible to confuse the soul mate with a karmic relationship.

It does not have to be necessary for the soul mate to be of the opposite sex, to be married to him, to live a love story. He can be your brother, mother, grandfather or good friend. But the impact with that person will be overwhelming, impossible to forget.

There are three categories of soulmates, each having distinct and unmistakable characteristics from other people in your life.

Soulmates, fellow comrades – are the people who help you reach your goal, learn certain lessons, who are with you in special situations, difficult, maybe crucial; there are those who saved you in borderline situations or who simply relieved your suffering when you thought that nothing could be done. His support is always unconditional and comes when you feel the need for affection, support and protection.

Twin soul souls – are those with whom you have had a special friendship relationship for many lives. Meeting a twin soul is like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in years. There are people who completely understand you, because your souls are very telepathic. You will help each other, in many ways, to learn and evolve together, and the friendship between you will strengthen even more.

The soul mate twin flame – is unique and most important to us. You have spent many lives together, full of love and care for one another, and the connection between you is deeply spiritual. When you meet him again, in this life, you feel an immediate attraction, it is as if you always know yourself, it is like an electric current, which goes through both at the same time. The souls recognize themselves immediately and remember the deep love that exists between them, beyond time and space. It is your perfect half and together you will create an atmosphere of spell, which you have never felt with anyone else.


This feeling is always reciprocal. It is said that when you meet the soul mate of the twin flame, you find the image in the mirror of your soul, and together you form an entire full of love and harmony. The soul of your twin flame pair is most often of the opposite sex, but can also be incarnated in a brother or sister (usually a twin). You may even sow each other, often having the same features, especially around the eyes. Spiritual energies are in perfect agreement and so linked to each other, that between the two auras form a shining arc of light, a rainbow of energy that unites the two souls.

You do not meet this unique soul soul in every life, because it can happen that each one has to learn a certain lesson, individually. But it is certain that you tend, through what you do, to reach again together, and your souls to evolve on a common spiritual path.

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