Is petting a cat good for you?

As the Egyptians said, the cat can see the spirits of the dead and much more. If you have a cat, you see that in general, it is lazy, sleepy, and stays with your eyes fixed on something you do not see.

The cat has the ability to see certain phenomena: energy balls, for example. If you see your quadruped focusing on a certain non-existent point, take your camera, whether it’s with film or digital, and see if your cat really had something to watch or not.

The cat due to its sensitivity can perceive phenomena that man cannot perceive.

The native skills of the cat

It seems that cats have a wide range of abilities, including empathy. If you have a cat, you may have noticed that when you’re not feeling well, your friend feels this and is trying to transmit energy to the area. If your belly or head or any other area of the body hurts, the cat is trying to take your pain by sitting on that area.

This is why cats are used for Animal Therapy, because they can alleviate certain pains or sufferings. Obviously, that is not the only power of the cat! The cat, unique from this point of view among animals, sleeps on the Hartmann Nodes.

Hartmann knots are those magnetic intersections that surround the Earth. If a man stayed too long in an area where these knots are found, he would feel tired. Hartmann knots are avoided by all animals except the cat, because it relaxes in the presence of knots.

We all know that migratory birds are the ones that perceive the Earth’s most magnetic waves outside the cat, so I know when to migrate; but the cat does much more than that, as if in constant connection with the Dark Energy of the Earth.

Is this the secret of the cat? Does the heat transmitted by it cure us? If we think that the energy transmitted by it was demonstrated by mathematical calculations, but it was not perceived by man because of its sensory deficit; we can explain why the Egyptians deified it.

The cat is an evolved, intelligent and sensitive animal, perhaps more than the human (on an emotional level). Therefore, it should be treated with due respect, as should the other animals.

Try to pay attention to what surrounds you, to perceive the subtleties of the world, the invisible dimensions that surround us.

It is believed that during human-animal interaction, the bio-energetic field of man resonates with that of the animal.

The cat removes the negative energy and restores the body’s ability to function normally. When the cat feels “full” of energy he gets up and leaves. The cat is the only mammal whose energy system allows it to function normally with negative energy. That is why when you get up and leave the affected area, do not bother to hold it near you, because it has taken the necessary dose of negative energy.

From an astrological point of view, the cat is associated with the Moon. The moon gives us kindness and maternal instincts. Children and adults, as a rule, dream of a cat when they have problems at home, in the family, in relationships with their mother.

If a child feels the need to have a kitten in his or her life, then it means the need for affection, or the home he lives in does not feel like a real home. For adults the need for a cat in their life arises after a divorce or when relationships with the family are difficult.

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