How to protect yourself from black magic

Witches have existed since the world and the earth. Their name has always been linked to controversy, and people have been skeptical about their “powers.”

The witches are seen as big day bastards who fool their citizens to give them money, believing that they will solve their problems.

There may be some notorious liars, but even those who believe in charms and call on their services are not ashamed of us; after all, each with his own choices.

If you have only had bad luck lately or you know that you have enemies that will hurt you, then you should also think about black magic. Not everyone believes, but in our culture there are these, let’s say superstitions, as anyone who wants your evil can choose to do it by magic.

There is the belief that certain areas are more prone to magic than others, but in us the subject is deeply rooted in history. So, occult sciences are in high demand today.

Thus, if you have the impression that someone has done you some harm, or that you are the target of black magic, there are several ways to avoid or protect yourself.

Nobody believes in magic, especially black, until something bad happens to it.

What does black magic mean and what is the difference from white magic

“Black magic means a negative power by which things can be solved faster. I was gifted with this black magic, it was not my choice.

The difference between the two magicians is a difference from heaven to earth, because white magic is one and the same with the powers of a priest; it has so little power that it can solve a loosening of wedges or talismans of love.

Instead, black magic can solve any problem desired by a person affected or not by charms. I am a witch who has guaranteed results in everything I do. ”

How to protect yourself from black magic

Strengthen your spiritual shield – whether you believe it or not, we all have natural protection methods by which we remove any kind of magic. In order to protect yourself, you must, first of all, purify your country and protect your chakras. You can do this through a therapist or you can teach yourself to do this through meditation.

Salt – In addition to the fact that our country owns this treasure, the salt has cleaning and purifying properties, not only as a mineral added to food. Just as it protects pickles, so can black magic. In movies, people surround themselves with a circle of salt to protect themselves. Although, this method can be very good, it is not practical unless you plan to spend the rest of your days inside the circle. The good news is that, salt can be scattered throughout the perimeter of your home to protect you, and will have the same effect as the salt circle.

Amulet – amulets are protective items that you can wear with you. As long as they are with you they will counteract the effects of black magic. Some amulets that you can consider are: religious medals, religious symbols, crystals or sacks with herbs.

You can laugh – black magic is not to be played, but sometimes you have to laugh. Magic is actually energy, so is laughter or joy. It is important that everyone is at the extreme, which is why they are neutralized. Obviously this does not work for any kind of black magic, but it is worth a try. You can laugh at the spell or the one who did the spell, and then there is the possibility of getting rid of problems.

Spells in the mirror – when everything else has failed, you can try to turn the black magic back to the one who made you spells. Mirroring spells involve lighting a black candle in front of a mirror, a candle that you leave lit all night in your room. Black absorbs energy, especially negative energy. The mirror will redirect the remaining energy to the one who performed the spell.

White or black magic is all magic. The only difference between them is the intention.

White magic is based on good intentions, while black magic does not. Magic is energy sent for a specific purpose. If you are worried that you are the victim or the target of such a practice, you can use these methods of protection mentioned.

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