How do you attract money in 2024 with feng shui

To reach the performance of never lacking money in 2024, we turn our ear to the advice of feng shui rules.

Feng Shui is a science that studies the energies of the home, and according to it, based on some basic rules, we can increase or achieve what we want, be it money, career, love or luck.

The rules of feng shui to always have money are quite simple. First of all, you need to focus on a certain area of ​​feng shui in your home, which has to do with money and financial prosperity, which is always in the southeast part of your home. Once you find out where the feng shui area is for money in your home, you can create a good energy that will attract them.

These methods can influence your life, so follow the steps of feng shui for money.

Green plants

Certain green plants, located in the feng shui area for money, attract prosperity. The most popular feng shui plants are Pachira Aquatica or Jade Tree, bamboo or a plant that purifies the air.


Among the colors that are thought to attract feng shui energy are green, brown, blue, black and light yellow. You can also use a stain of red or shades such as coral, orange, purple or pink to activate the area.

Specific Forms for money feng shui area

Each feng shui element is expressed in a specific form, so you can attract the desired energy through forms such as: rectangular (wood), square (earth), snake (water).

You can display them in the form of photo frames, fabric patterns or wallpaper. Also, the wind chimes, the Chinese coins or the purple piglet are decorative elements that bring abundance.

Images that represent abundance –

Whether it is a painting, a photograph, a figurine, it is important that it represent an opportunity for you and match the decor of the house. Also, to have the element of wood you can opt for images with forests, parks or green leaves, trees and grass, and to represent the element earth, you can also use images of natural landscapes, beaches, mountains and canyons.

Fresh and floral aromas

In 2024, always keep a fresh scent in the house, with floral aromas or scented candles. A well-lit room, in which, from time to time, music is heard, good energy is activated. Of course, the feng shui area for money must be clean and tidy.


Numerologists have even developed feng shui rules for wallets. Thus, to always have the wallet full, the specialists recommend:

  • do not keep the money scraped;
  • in the wallet, the money is put in order (increasing or decreasing);
  • choose a larger wallet, in which the money does not stay crammed;
  • the rule of the 3 wallets: 1- a usual wallet, which you have every day, 2- a wallet in which you can put money for bills and expenses, 3- a wallet in which to collect the money that you will keep. Thus, if after paying the bills you have 1 leu left, put it in wallet 3. Do this at least 1 year and you will see what results you will have.
    Just what you learned about five tricks that will bring energy to the feng shui area of ​​money. You only have to put them into practice!

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