Feng Shui tips for career success in 2024

Do you feel dissatisfied? Does boredom make you feel unmotivated and not at all excited? Do you have a midlife crisis? Give your personal motivation a push to overcome this kind of monotony. Here are 8 ways to set new goals and reshape your career on a motivating path in 2024.

Improve your personal workspace

If you want to enjoy the right feng shui at work, try carefully choosing the place where you feel comfortable.


Always try to have the office or work desk in the corner diagonally away from the door to the office. The farther you are from the front door, the better the feng shui.
Do not place the desk or work desk at the end of a hallway or walkway.
Never sit in an office or at a work table in front of a toilet or at the base of a staircase.

The chances of promotion are severely reduced in this case.
Do not sit in a desk or work desk under high light. You will suffer from headaches and painful pressure.
Never sit with your back to the door, even if it is your own office door or the front office door.

Never work at an office that forces you to stand on the edge of a prominent corner. Move around it or use a leafy plant to block it.

Consider arranging jobs at the workplace

When it comes to business meetings, always make sure you do not sit on a sharp edge of an office. If you do this, it will be as if you have a poisoned arrow pointing at you, which will put you at a disadvantage with your colleagues. You should always be in the most comfortable direction when working.

Energy for the West Point

Energize the western point with an airplane loaded with coins, tied with a red wire. Bells and windmills are also effective.
Give energy to the Nordic point in the same way. Do not put bright lights in the western or northern part of the office. These will maximize all your problems.

Energize the southern point with natural crystals. If the main office is also located in the south, then the placement of a larger crystal has a stronger effect.

An amethyst with a kind of deep “pocket” can capture all the luck that goes to the office, ideal for attracting luck in business.
Give the Nordic point the same energy as the southern one, but it is not necessary to place very large crystals in this case.

Energy for the Eastern point

Give energy to the eastern point with plants, flowers and picture that represent lush vegetation and water. Avoid anything metal in this corner. Windmills, scissors and blades cause a lot of agitation at this point.
Do this for the southern point, but here you can also place a miniature fountain or a simple bowl of water.

At the Nordic point, place a larger vessel of water, with a turtle inside. This can be real or false. However, it is preferable to be a live turtle.

At the southern point, put something red – a picture, a red carpet, red pillows and a light that will bring energy to good reputation. Properly energized, the southern point brings an excellent reputation.

It gives the feeling of support with the help of a mountain

In the office, never sit with your back to the door. Doing so causes treachery and disappointment. You must always sit on something that supports your back.

You can have a picture with a mountain in the back, but make sure it is a picture with a strong meaning. The painting should not contain mountain ranges that are too sharp because these elements are less useful.

The best image with a mountain, which gives you protection, is that of a mountain that looks like the back of a turtle.

How we put the phone down to get lucky

If you want to give a positive feng shui to your phone and fax, you must first observe in what direction the energy that brings the message to the telephone line comes from. This is considered to be the power source of the phone.

The next thing you need to do is place the phone in such a way that the source of the messages, calls, come from the right direction – the sheng chi direction.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking we are talking about the wall socket. The sheng chi direction is the place where the phone is connected.

in 2024, place a lucky bird in the south corner of the office

The southern point is the image of a Phoenix Crimson that symbolizes fame and recognition. Also, the Phoenix bird brings new opportunities. When you give energy to this kind of bird, you also activate the beneficial energies of the south.

The luck of this section suggests a great brightness, because the south is also the place specific to the fire. Thus, a Phoenix Crimson creature is in good luck. This will activate your social life and make you enjoyable and popular among colleagues and co-workers.

Give energy to your office for a successful career

Put a vase of fresh flowers on the east side of your desk. Flowers create yang energy.

But do not allow flowers to overwhelm or block your image. Always change the flowers immediately as signs of wilting begin to appear.
Place a small plant in the southern corner of your office. This attracts very good income, good luck and improves the chances of personal development.

in 2024, Place a crystal ball / stone in the south corner of the office to create the good fortune of a harmonious relationship with all your co-workers.
Any light source that benefits a good reputation should be placed in the southern part.

This is one of the best ways to create a good relationship with the company you work for, but also with your business environment.
All personal metal equipment in the office should be placed on a separate table, preferably in the western or northwestern part of the office.

If they need to be placed on the monitor, then place them to your right, but make sure you also have enough space on the left. This means that the Dragon‘s energies will control those of the Tiger.

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