What does it mean to dream about a rat

The dreams in which various animals appear to us are very recurrent among those analyzed by psychoanalysts and attract the attention of many people. The presence of animals in our dreams is not only due to the co-operation of elements from real life to the dream, but also of the signals we receive spiritually. Not all people dream of the same things, because they do not all have the same mental capacities, but not the same spiritual values that help them interpret the symbols that appear in their dream and especially what they foresee.

What is the mouse or rat in the dream?

The rat is that animal that we know is associated with the dirt, the disease, it is a life that all of us are sore and we avoid when we see it. Mice, or worse, his older cousin, the rat is that life that survives at the lowest level of being, lives from the remnants of others, and is associated with the most filthy and dismal aspects of society. It is very important to note that there is a fundamental difference at the symbolic level between mice and rats. The rat represents dirt and avarice, but the mouse can mean by its small waist agility, intelligence and finesse. Which means that the mouse in the dream, though not as harmful and dirty as the rat, is just as dangerous.

Thus, in a dream, rats represent those people who have a lowly, lighthearted, mediocre and especially dirty demeanor. A very important aspect relates to the role of the mouse or rat in the food chain. For prey animals it is a source of food, but for humans it is indirectly harmful. What is most important when we dream of mice or rats is that we have to be very careful about the context in which they occur. Mainly the appearance of mice or rats in the dream refers to damage, false friends and enemies exactly where you expect less.

What does it mean if you dream of mice or rats in your house?


What does it mean when you dream of rats or mice? 3D dreaming of rats in the house means that you may discover among your friends or close friends some people who will not do you good and who plan to harm you any success. The rat in the house brings great damage, strife, lies and poor communication relationships with those around you. The appearance of the rat in the dream in the house is not accidental because this context indicates that those enemies you created are among the people you trust, even close friends. The rat in the dream, if you show up in your house, you will have people who mix in the affairs of your house, in personal affairs that only concern you and sometimes even in the couple’s life. Also, the mice in the house announce some material damages that come in the way of the lie or the mockery from relatives or friends.

* Rerad also : 2020 is the chinese year of the Rat

If you see in your dream how you bring home certain things like chairs and tables, this means that certain financial losses will befall you and especially your home. If they will get on the table, it is a sign that the growth of your house is in danger and the money in the house will not come so easily. If their item of rosé is the couch or other furniture in the living room, this may mean that those who thought you were friends, actually plan your quarrels and only worry in your house.

What does it mean if you dream of mice coming out the window or entering the window of your house?

If you dream of mice entering your window, it is a sign that the neighbors are carrying your smile and instead of seeing their own household they are mixing too much in yours. Also, the rats that enter your open window indicate that you allowed too many strangers to get involved in your home business and now you have to suffer from it and you can’t get rid of them too soon. The mice that enter the window are deceitful people who take advantage of your kindness and naivety and despite the fact that you gave them multiple signs that you no longer want their company, they still make room and try to harm your peace in the house .

On the other hand, if the mice that appear in your dream, you see them running towards the door, it is a sign of unexpected guests and usually not a pleasant surprise. I can still symbolize thieves or a house break if the mice you dream of run into a hole in the floor or wall.

Mice in a dream symbolize the fact that you are surrounded by rogue and harmful people

If you dream of rats or mice walking around you it is a sign that you are surrounded by fake friends or that means when you dream of rats or mice 4 the life partner of cheating, because the mice in the dream are related to the love life representing infidelity. Usually, the appearance of mice in a dream is associated more with light women who break your home harmony or with a friend who may have hidden intentions and plans to see you ruined. If the woman you separated from appears in your dream in the form of a rat or mouse, it is a sign that she is gossiping with your friends and that you will only have ugly words from her. If you dream that catching the mice in your dream is a sign that you have realized where your damage comes from and that you will end the misfortune of your life.

On the other hand, if you dream of catching a mouse, it may be a marriage or at least a love affair that will only bring you happiness. At the same time, if you dream of a dead mouse or you kill it yourself, it means that you are the one responsible for breaking up the relationship and you have lost something very valuable.

What are the most common situations in which we dream of mice or rats?

As we have seen, the importance of these two symbols in our dreams has a great deal to do with what is happening in our lives and especially with the attitude of the people we are surrounded with, so it is very important to know how to interpret them. Here are the most common situations where we can dream of mice or rats:

  • If you dream of a white mouse – announce the news of a very important and happy event such as a wedding, a good friend or even yours. If you dream of a white mouse on the wedding night it is a sign that you will lead a quiet and carefree life.
  • IIf you dream of catching a mouse in the race – you may receive a letter or some news from someone who is very insistent and who gives you a headache, but you cannot escape
  • IIf you dream of a mouse running away from you – it is a sign that the people who are hurting you know that you have learned of their plans and are trying to escape as quickly as possible. Also, mice running in the dream can also mean long, worry-filled nights.
  • IIf you dream of a black mouse – there are signs that someone in your neighborhood or even close relatives is stealing from your house
  • IIf you dream of a mouse playing – it is very possible that you are in a period of your life where you are waiting for happy events like a wedding or the birth of your own child
  • IIf you dream of a mouse flutter – it is a sign that a war can be triggered or that everyone close to you will turn against you. Also, the mouse poodle indicates a state of hunger and drought in the place where you live.
  • IIf you dream of catching a mouse in the trap – you may catch those who are trying to ruin your business
  • IIf you dream of a mouse snoring – it is a sign of material damage and great joy to those who will hurt you.
  • IIf you dream of killing a mouse – it is possible to get rid of those who do not want you well, but also to lose some close ones.
  • IIf you dream of catching a mouse in your hand – you or a close friend may become pregnant

We must not forget that each symbol in the dreamWhat is to say when you dream of rats or mice 5 is unique and every time we dream of something that marks our memory we should try to remember as many elements of that dream and try to make them explain. Our subconscious can send us important signals about what is happening in our life and sometimes there are things or facts that we cannot see with the naked eye, precisely because of the reason that does not allow us to deviate from the objective activities that we must we meet them every day. However, when reason rests, our spirit has all the freedom to communicate to our soul at will.

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