how to get rid of bad luck

Does it ever seem like bad luck follows you around? You’re Schleprock from The Flintstones, and you’re living the old adage “If it weren’t for bad luck you’d have no luck at all.”

When you’re getting hit from all sides it’s easy to feel like you have no control over life but there are some surefire ways to help make you a Good Luck Magnet.

Fix What You Can

Seriously, there is so much that we can’t control but when we fix the things we can then we are instantly making our lives better, thus kicking some of the “bad” luck to the curb. Is that wonky ceiling fan hanging by a wire? What about your car?

If it’s been making a nasty rattle doesn’t it stand to reason that it’s probably not going to get better? Isn’t it a good bet that ignoring the problem could end up leaving you stranded? Bad luck, huh?

And let’s look at fitness and weight management. Ugh, I know, but it’s been proven that overweight people who slim down are sometimes able to stop taking insulin, blood pressure medication and any other number of meds. Becoming fit (which can be done on the cheap or for free) will help reduce your risk of weight-related illnesses and ultimately save you a whole lot of money.

Keep Good People in Your Life

Sometimes it’s not what you do but who you know. Now this may sound very tree-huggy but if you have friends who are drama magnets you might want to refer them to this article to see if they can turn their own life around.

If they can’t or are unwilling to try (yes some folks like the attention that drama brings) then you might want to really think about the place they have in your life and if you want to continue the relationship.

It doesn’t mean you have to keep a posse of Susie Sunshine’s around but you should invest your energy in other friends who are working to make their lives better.

Slow Down!

Yes we live in a fast-paced world, and technology helps us ramp up the pace to a blinding speed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little control and try to humanize things again.

Try to make the effort to really be in a true present because accidents happen when we’re distracted, rushing, and multitasking to the nth degree. So turn off the TV when you’re eating dinner, keep the phone out of the restroom (and thus out of the toilet) and really pay attention as you’re driving, walking, what have you.

A lot of accidents can be avoided if we simply pay attention to the here and now.

So bad luck’s got you down – it happens. And it’s true that there’s so much in life that you can’t control.

But some things you can. Take ownership of the things you can fix or modify and you will start feeling more confident and capable (and less accident prone), making you the Good Luck Warrior that can tackle what life throws at you.

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