My Boyfriend Is Not Romantic Enough

Even though in the middle of the twentieth century the man was, it is said, still emotionally insensitive and alien to romance, today, when love and romance go hand in hand, there is no doubt that every man knows how to express his feelings in a romantic way, on the woman likes it, and the woman knows very well what to do when the man forgets his romantic habits.

Many couples experience romance at the beginning of the relationship, but things change quite quickly and routine intervenes. If romance is not indispensable for men, it is essential for women. Basically, romance and love are sides of the same coin.

Here’s what to do if your boyfriend isn’t romantic enough!

Tell him what you want.

It is very possible that your boyfriend will not realize that he is not romantic. Men do not focus so much on this aspect, and when they do, it may still not turn out exactly what you would have expected. That’s why, without wasting time with tiring tricks and strategies, tell him exactly what you want and help him correct his attitude towards you.

Don’t press him and don’t blame him for not being romantic.

If you find a great way to show the other person how it should be, you might get the opposite. Your boyfriend will get tired and move away from you. It is very possible that the reason why it is not romantic is related to a failed past experience. If the revelation of the romantic side brought him more criticism than appreciation, then it is simple to understand that now he does not know how to react. He treats the situation calmly and communicates effectively, without unnecessary reproach and criticism.

Don’t compare him to other men.

Male pride is a very sensitive thing, and if you think that you will give him a lesson by telling him how romantic your ex-boyfriend was – or how wonderful your girlfriend’s boyfriend is … – you will hurt his ego and, without a doubt, his chances of being romantic will be close to zero. Try to be more romantic. Through the power of example, much can change!

Appreciate it.

If you do not appreciate his small efforts, even as clumsy as they are, then you will not motivate him in any way to want to do more. Criticizing his every attempt and reminding him that he was not doing enough, you pushed him with sure steps toward giving up. After all, no one wants to live in a relationship where they have to constantly prove something.

Just because he’s not romantic doesn’t mean he loves you less. Romance is also learned, and love can be manifested in many ways, there is no need for flowers and scented candles at every step. However, if you want this, talk openly with your partner and explain why it means so much to you. Certainly, things will be easier than you thought.

If the routine has already settled in your relationship, it’s no wonder that romance is gone. Try to win him back with a new outfit, with a change that will attract his attention and rekindle the passion between you. After all, keeping romance alive is a challenge for any couple. Don’t allow time to make its mark on you. Take care of yourself and stay as attractive as when you met. It has been scientifically proven that the physical appearance of partners plays a very important role in the life of any couple, especially after the relationship has fallen prey to habit and routine.

It is important to understand that romance is not just about rose petals and scented candles. So, give up the idea that just a candlelit dinner is romantic. Rather, do things you both like together. If the activity itself is pleasant, romance will find its place in the relationship.

Get involved in a new activity.

Doing the same things every day, especially if you are not at the very beginning of the relationship, can mean killing any possibility of having another romance. Try to go to new places, engage in new, challenging activities, work in a team and have more fun. If your life takes place between home, work and a few hours of sleep, it’s no wonder that your boyfriend finds neither the motivation nor the energy to be romantic. It may seem unrelated, but the routine strongly influences the romantic side of any couple.

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