How do I role play with my husband?

Let me begin by saying I am not here to judge, only to open  the door for more avenues to explore.

The idea with role playing is to transform yourself and your lover into new personas,  leaving behind your everyday life and roles.

It’s crucial to  go into the situation with the mindset that this activity is  not something your partner would normally do. You can spicy it up with the costumes. For this you can check the sites such as BlossomCostumes and find the suitable one for your needs. 

Therefore, you  cannot hold the experimentation against him or her. If you  mutually agree to try role playing, then you are giving each  other permission to explore activities outside your regular  routine.

In other words, if you choose to engage in the practice, you cannot think less of the person later.

As you will  see with the following examples, one person generally plays  the dominant role, and the other takes the passive position.

The “master/slave” scenario can work on several levels. Trust  is imperative for this situation because the slave must do  whatever the master tells him or her.

The slave may be aroused  by being submissive, while the master may be turned on by being in control.

This scenario can be as simple as the master  ordering the slave to fetch something or complete a certain  act. Or, you can make it as devilish as you want as well.

The “doctor or nurse/patient” scenario remains one of the most  popular role-playing games.

You can begin by having the patient walk in the room. The doctor or nurse can then say that the patient needs a full examination, beginning with taking off his or her clothes.

We are visual creatures, so disrobing can be quite arousing. Then the doctor or nurse can start the examination…I think you can take it from there.

The basic premise and allure of this next role-playing situation, “strangers meeting,” is the idea of having sex with a  stranger.

The two people meet in a designated place like a  bar or restaurant and act as though they have never met. They flirt and behave as if everything were new. And then the night progresses…

Other common role playing situations include the teacher and  student, lady of the manor with chauffeur or servant, aerobics teacher or yoga instructor and student (imagine the  possibilities!), or any others you can imagine.

Before you go shopping for a stethoscope or chauffeur’s hat,  though, consider the props you may already possess at home.  In our crazy, hectic society, it seems we are all pressed  for time.

So if you lack the time, funds, or courageousness  to go shopping for props, just look in your closet. Ladies:  wear one of your partner’s shirts. Men find this sexy anyway,  but give it a different spin.

For men who like women to take  charge, a nearly naked boss could send his head spinning.

Or  think about the sporting gear you have at home. Add a sports  jersey here or an old cheerleading outfit there, and you have  another fantasy at your fingertips. You are only limited by  your imagination.

I’m almost afraid to ask for stories about role playing…As  one subscriber said, “Hell, some of the best costumes are none  at all.” Well said. That just about wraps up my take on role  playing. As always, I remain…

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