Feng Shui Lucky Charms 2024 to Bring Money and Love

Do you work hard and yet your money runs out fast? Do you notice that you are being followed by bad luck all the way through and you want your situation to change completely and live better? Here’s what you need to do to bring luck to your life and home!

All you have to do is follow a few rules and bring lucky items to your home. Talismans, symbols, decorative objects and lucky statues, accessories and crystals with positive energy. Instinctively we are attracted to certain objects

What objects bring luck and money to the house in 2024

The turtle is a very important animal in Feng Shui philosophy. It is one of the four Celestial animals that protect positive energy. This way you can use the turtle to protect and improve the positive energy.

Generally, the frogs are located near the entrance behind the house for protection, shows those from If you want to have professional luck, then place a black metal frog in the North of the house. If you need stability in any other segment of the house then you can place a small statute, representing a frog, in which room you think you need.


How you attract luck and money in 2024


On the other hand, if you bring in one or more statues representing elephants in the house, you will fill the place with positive energy. The elephant symbolizes luck, fertility, protection and wisdom.

Red light means warmth, protection, love and positive energy. By bringing them to you in the bedroom, you will positively influence the relationship you have with your partner, but also the longevity.

Good luck charms for 2024 by zodiac sign


The Star symbolizes perfection will always attract them, so those in Aries sign can use the star symbol from pendants, earrings, to candle holders, bed linen.


Taurians need to use the spiral symbol to maintain balance in their lives. Their jewelry should have a reddish color, such as copper, the metal specific to their governing planet, Venus.


The imagination of the native Gemini will reach maximum heights if he wears bird symbols. Most aggressive natives will prefer the eagle, but most will prefer the owl, which they will use in costume design, jewelry or can keep statues with birds on the work desk. Talisman crystal: white quartz


Cancer natives can benefit from the fascinating energy of the Moon, so it would be good to collect jewelry with the symbol of the moon. In the house it is beneficial to display a picture with the moon that mirrors the sea.


The representations with the Sun bring luck to the Leos I can use pictures with sunrise over a wide field, mirrors with frame in the form of Sun, jewelry representing sun rays. The talisman crystal: the sun stone


The hourglass is the lucky object for Virgo, because it reminds them of efficiency and perfection. They might keep a Zen garden decoration in their house, which will help them eliminate the negative energy, the daily worries.


The dog is his spiritual animal, he could use this symbol in the form of jewelry, statues, in costume design, to increase his vital energy and create harmony around it. To learn more about spirit animals, visit

The talisman crystal: Aquarius


Scorpions have a well-developed sensuality, the objects that bring them luck must have the serpent symbol, an animal of power that maintains their curiosity for the mystery. It can be used from snake leather accessories (genuine or imitation), to abstract paintings and jewelr

The talisman crystal: opal


The lucky object is the one that represents Cupid with the bow and arrow. It will maintain their optimism, charisma, free spirit and openness in the face of physical love.

Talisman crystal: lapis lazuli


Feels good if he has a representation with a buffalo, his power animal, that has an energy that increases the chances of material and financial success. Also, the chests are to his liking.

The talisman crystal: pink quartz Aquarius

The tiger is their spiritual animal, this symbol will maintain their creativity. It is advisable not to keep tiger representations in the house, as it would amplify the energy of aggression, but I can use this symbol in clothing, jewelry.

The talisman crystal: tiger eyes


The ships are their lucky objects. They could collect ships, miniature cruise ships, they could arrange a symbolic port in their home, which would create the energy of wealth.

How to be lucky – If you don’t have it, look for it …

Although luck is part of “the gift of each,” some habits are meant to soften the fate of the less gifted. So, if you’re wondering how to get lucky, you can surround yourself with beneficial plants, as long as they have large, round, lively leaves.

Freshly cut flowers bring good luck to the house. The beneficial plants and flowers are the bamboo, the plant of happiness, the orange, the lemon, the ficus. And if you have a garden, peach, apple, pine and fir will help you get through it. The flowers considered to be lucky are peony, chrysanthemum, Japanese rose, basil, house spice, daffodil, lilac, magnolia and orchid.

What prevents you from being lucky?

First of all the “black” thoughts, envy, greed, selfishness. Not in vain does the tradition urge you to “wash yourself with fresh water” and then only go to the practices of good fortune. When it comes to how to be lucky, you must cleanse yourself of evil, either by this symbolic gesture. Otherwise, the good does not visit you. Once you’ve cleansed yourself, you can remove anything bad about the house. It begins with the plants and flowers with sharp leaves, which start, such as cacti, roses, bonsai.

The only places where such plants can be placed are near the TV or computer, to absorb their magnetic energy. They can also be located outside, near the main entrance door, with the role of house protection. He then throws the crockery and crockery, cracks, cleans the house as best as he can, and does no homework on the holidays.

7 tips that increase luck

    • Think positive! The force of good thought cannot be overcome by bad luck.
    • Do not give up on black thoughts about the future of your loved ones, this attitude drives away their luck.
    • If you do not know how to be lucky, a solution is to fill the house with new items, bought with love, and keep the old ones as far away from the place as you rest.
    • Surround yourself with beneficial plants and fruit pots to enjoy their positive energy.
    • Do not keep too many memories in the house: old carpets, furniture, other objects. They all have a load that is not always beneficial.
    • Do not put plants in the bedroom: if during the day they emit oxygen, at night they will spread a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Not only unhealthy, but also unlucky.
    • Saintly keep the joy and laughter in the house. Good luck comes from your soul, not just from the outside.

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