Love Horoscope 2024 – sensuality and weddings

Jupiter, the planet of great good fortune, enters the love sign, Taurus, on Valentine’s Day. Now, is that an omen or what?

Taurus rules sensuality and pleasurable sex, so these should be more available for everyone for almost five months. On July 1 this planet leaves Taurus, then enters Gemini, its own marriage sign, for twelve months.

So as like the 2020 love horoscope says,  next year will be packed with sensuality and weddings.

But the planet Saturn stays close to Jupiter all year. Saturn imposes duties, it frowns with caution and practical concerns. So we get the greatest luck in love, along with prudence and solemn circumstances! Accordingly, you’ll notice that your love forecast is mildly sober, but very hopeful.

If you focus primarily on caution and seriousness in love this year, you could create a dead-end. If you go forth with optimism and big wishes, you’ll enter love’s door!

Aries – (March 21-April 19)


You’ve been lucky the last twelve months. Success was yours in travel, learning, law — and love. If you chose love, you are likely now basking in a blissful romance. If so, 2024 nudges you to gently introduce your sweetheart to more practical concerns, to turn eros into a true, mature partnership. Now you can begin adjusting your love schedules (so you can get to work on time). You begin buying things together, settling in sexually. Co-habitation is blessed by the cosmos.

Your loved one will undergo mild sexual adjustments from mid-February to late June as he/she adapts to your mutual link. Be patient with this, as the groundwork is being laid for many years of peaceful, relaxed intimacy between you.

No matter how long you’ve been together, your mate will be distracted to some degree by an important financial project, semi-mysterious research, health concern, or power play this spring. Help out, be patient. A basic project could be taking shape which will make your mutual money tree grow for the decade ahead!

If you’re single and haven’t started a love affair in the last year, you face some easy opportunities for casual sex now through June. (Career, financial and practical demands will prevent a deeper involvement.)

By July, you enter a lucky year of short trips, communications, and casual camaraderie. A friendship could quietly evolve into a long-term casual affair. All year, new groups, clubs or organizations appeal: if you open the door to these, romantic prospects will strut forth in an endless line!

Your energy’s low but your magnetism sizzles mid-Feb. to late March. You might be pursued, but too tired to return the attention. That vitality returns in April, you glow with sweetness and grace, could attract a casual affair. May/June hustle with talk, travel, and flirtatious moments. Be patient on the homefront June/July.

Romance suddenly heats up in August, blowing away earlier half-interests. This could be the real thing. December creates a mellow fondness which could bring a long-term bonding.

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Taurus – (April 20-May 20)

You’ve felt a bit neglected in the romantic world. That situation is due to change dramatically: on Valentine’s Day your sexual planet enters your sign for a four-month stay. It lurches in with a whole cart-load of pent-up desire. Since nothing attracts others like being truely wanted, you should find yourself in some sort of sensual heaven until late June.

The accent will be on sexual binding, rather than “pure romance” during these few months. But an affair which begins sexually might evolve into a new tenderness, a solid, understated feeling of empathy. If this person seems “just right” for you, wedding rituals could follow, even before mid-2021.

However, these same influences also open the door to potential legal and ethical barriers to marriage: make sure that you’re not engaging in an extramarital or otherwise verboten affair, especially in April.

From August into early 2024, you grow more complacent about love. Yes, you’d like to be with someone, but it’s like hopping a bus or taxi instead of buying a car: it’s casual sex. If you remain committed to a loved one, the last half of 2024 offers a splendid chance to buttress your relationship with a firm, practical foundation in monetary, housing, furniture and similar areas.

An old flame could reappear February to mid-March: your hopes are high, but let time tell. Wait until March 14 onward to chase a newcomer — your sexual magnetism soars late March to early May, just as a variety of sweet people enter. Your soaring joie de vivre is certain to attract affection in May. A seemingly casual affair could turn deeper, leaving you bemused but accepting.

Be gentle with all loved ones in Aug./Sept., when difficulties with head office or the government can erupt into tense personal outbursts. Romantic fires flare in Sept./Oct., making this a wild time of quickly-flung glances and impetuous decisions. A newcomer might attract you in Nov./Dec. but this person can harbour some psychological enmity. Look deeply, listen to clues.

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Gemini – (May 21-June 20)

Mid-2020 to mid-2024 brings your best marriage phase in a long time, Gemini. You can pick and choose. You can draw another. You don’t have to chase someone’s heart. Just chase your own special fascinations, and someone will come to you.

You’ll experience many romantic moments of beauty and epiphany. But the main accent this year is not on heart palpitations, flirting, or riding a roller-coaster of thrill. You’re too serious for that. You want a mate, you want to set your life upon a foundation of security, trust, and growth. You want love’s adventure to be intermingled with practical considerations. Where ten years ago you might have poured your bank account into a lover’s arms, now you’ll ask others to pull their own weight in any relationship — and after July 1, on into July of 2024, they’ll be unusually willing to do so.

You grow bored quickly. You need a mate who radiates many personality traits. You melt most into someone who’s suave, graceful, calm, deeply concerned with justice and relationships. But if it’s to last, he/she also has to be a sparkling socializer, humanitarian-cause type, adventurer, mildly eccentric, world-traveller and scholar of many learnings. You’re now in prime shape to find at least nine-tenths of this person, and to marry him/her!

Today through late June, your romantic scene inches along quietly. Your charisma’s low, many duties pile onto your shoulders. You’d rather sleep than chase love. Still, mid-Feb. to late April brings one or two “social flirts.”

Your sexual magnetism simmers May/June, attracting some deep, slow-burning attractions. But these are lust-oriented situations, not suitable for long-term happiness. Avoid extramarital urges April through June — they will sabotage your future.

By July, that terrific 12-month marriage phase begins. It starts solidly in August, as friendly people gravitate toward you. Real beauty wafts in by September, and your romantic engine turns on by (or just before) October. Love suddenly explodes Nov./Dec. — this could be the one! If not, he/she’s looming on the verge of 2024.

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Cancer – (June 21-July 22)

In the mid-term — now through early 2024 — a strong part of you seeks sexual mystery and intimate adventure. You possess a powerful curiosity about love, but you’re wary of commitment. (Perhaps due to a significant break-up you experienced over the past decade.) Chasing this sexually adventurous side of life in 2024 will bring you experience, wisdom, insight, but little else.

On a long-term level – — your most romantic, tender, loving side seems to be reserved for your children’s needs, your work, and/or your co-workers.

Now through June (and especially in May) an “office romance” might spring up at an employment-related entertainment, sports, union, professional club or similar venue. There, you’ll meet a friendly, calm, sensual person who triggers sweet dreams and reveals essential qualities of a good long-term mate. This person’s a real smoothie, with a tremendous strength under that velvet exterior. Find out whether he/she wants a long-term relationship, or just some good sex. You’d be wiser, at the moment, to accept “just sex.” This person will remain as a good, relaxed friend.

An old flame could approach you Feb. to mid-March. You’ve never felt more than friendly toward him/her. I’d pass. A person of prestige and sexual magnetism could appear from late March to early May. May brings popularity — and sweet, spontaneous interludes!

Take care in early June, life disappoints the heart. Late this month through July, your magnetism, charm and courage soar. Make sure you know whom you want, so you can stick to one attraction!

August and Sept. offer casual sex. But romantic feeling could rush in fast September onward! By November, an old flame could return, forcing you to either deepen the relationship you’re in, or cause a split-up by chasing this lure from the past.

The entire late year, Aug. to Dec., promotes silent, secret love, perhaps verboten attractions. Remember, if you want loyalty, Cancer, you have to give it, too! On the other hand, keeping a part of yourself free and independent is a wise course (now to September 2024). Save yourself, your inner self, for a brighter future and brighter prospects!

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Leo – (July 23-Aug. 22)

Your best romantic drama doesn’t start until July (though you could meet your co-star in May or June). Before then, concentrate on career, health and financial objectives. By late July onward, you’ll waltz into one of the most unique love experiences of your life! You enter a new social group this year and next, one which will provide at least two strong romantic prospects. (These might be co-workers, but it’s best if they aren’t.)

You often plunge wholeheartedly into romance, seeking intense, immediate ecstacy. This year, from May/June right into mid-2021, you’re going to meet someone who gives you intriguing flashes of those romantic heights, but forever evades your attempts to turn the relationship into an all-or-nothing infatuation. Yet this person welcomes you into his/her life with a frank spontaneity, and, when all is said and done, real love.

You’ll be puzzled: this isn’t the heady drug of infatuation, yet you keep wanting to be around this person. Sometimes, starkly clear moments of beauty radiate from him or her. If you’re an artist, creator or teacher, this person opens doors of perception for you. He/she brings pleasure to your moments, makes the world a bright place of promise. When you’re together you dream about conquering new career heights, you believe fame’s possible, you feel healthier. At some point you’ll begin to think about putting this romance on a practical, long-lasting basis. That’s a good idea. If this affair ends, you’ll always look back on it as a wisp, an airy dream, but one that somehow transformed your life.

Presently married Leos have faced strong, buffeting winds since 2017. In 2024, rising mutual optimism and affection return. But keep your shared focus on career, finances and practicalities until August. Then you enter a 12-month round of sweet socializing!

May/June bring a meeting of minds, some light romance. But the real love action starts in August/September, when your magnetism soars to white-hot levels. Come back to reality, handle practicalities in October. December rivals August — except now you’re the wild one, and the one you chase seethes with magnetism!

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Virgo – (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Ah, Virgo, what a life you’ve had these last ten years! The disruptions, the pressures, the financial upheavals, the sexual or health events! It’s about time the universe granted you a little understanding and mellowness — and it will, in 2024! Even marriage could arrive, to a person who keeps your active mind soothed yet intrigued, who quells your restless doubts with a broader, philosophical outlook.

You might have met this marriage prospect before now, even cemented your relationship, for the first half of 2024 is merely the continuance of a 2019 influence. If you haven’t yet met him or her, be open, seek, find. Look in transportation hubs (airports, etc.) universities or colleges, libraries, legal environments, media venues, foreign countries, passport offices, international financial or foreign corporate offices — you get the picture.

If you seek love in pure pleasure venues (nightclubs, dances, fairs, gambling premises, gardens, etc.) you could walk into a thrilling, intense ride — but most of it will occur in your own heart and mind. 2024 is not a year for romance, it is a year for love. In the end, love’s far more powerful.

After June, the picture changes: your primary luck begins to switch from amourous zones to your status in the world. You might let a love affair subside (or simmer on low heat) while you pursue extremely lucky career and business goals. Or, you might turn your love itself into the “status” of being married — and, shortly after, into parenthood. (One hint: don’t marry June 22 to July 16, nor October to Nov. 10.)

Your sexual drives hit high gear mid-Feb. to late March. An old flame or ex spouse might appear. An unusual conversation arises late March to early May: something unsaid, a word replaced by a glance, draw you powerfully to someone sweet. Sex, popularity and light romance are a heady, lucky combo in July. Beware Aug./Sept., when you could enter a verboten situation. October’s friendly — your sexual magnetism glows, which could trigger casual intimacy right into December.

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Libra – (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You’re in the most intense romantic period of your life . But since Oct. 2018, your passions have been frustrated with inexplicable detours, delays and unreached destinations. Some married Librans separated. Some singles married in the last 12 months — a lucky event, if you didn’t mind coping with certain financial and sexual realities.

Hopefully, you other singles played the field, avoided deep intimacy. By April, your romantic roadmap grows clearer — but not until August will the electric pulse of true, ecstatic love send its first trusty bolt into your heart. This love will first manifest as mental or “soul” compatibility, triggered by a conversation with someone you meet in a group, or at a school, library, law office or travel venue. The words between you sprout magically into deeper meanings.

Before August, some duds arrive. If a newcomer excites or angers you mid-February to late March, avoid a relationship — you’d later be constantly indecisive about it. April/May also arouse you, but this one could be a wild ride into the depths of love’s darker psyche. If you do plunge in, wear a coat of emotional armor — and expect to pay for whatever you experience.

May and June excite you mentally — this is best after May 26, when someone really sweet, romantic and gentle could enter. But your overall sexual prospects are “dampened” with this person.

By August those sexual or circumstantial weights finally dissolve — and leave the doorway wide open to your fondest wishes! You’ll meet someone special in a group setting. (There’s something quietly intimate about it too.) You’ll feel no embarrasment, no awkwardness. It starts light, but it won’t stay that way. Cherish this one, Libra, or wait until early 2024.

Your magnetism soars in October, but it doesn’t attract the right type. Someone truely romantic might enter in Nov./Dec. You seem almost determined to marry — take your time! This person’s romantic displays don’t mean YOUR deepest core is feeling real love. If you have any doubts, wait until the spring/summer of 2024, when an extremely powerful relationship could begin.

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Scorpio – (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Seek the profound essence of love this year, Scorpio — let the casual, superficial side go. Your relations with others brighten now through June. You might cement a link into marriage or co-habitation. Life will bless and protect you if you marry anytime between April and late 2024. Before you do, look back on the past three years. The domestic disruption you’ve experienced will likely continue, until early 2024. This disruption has been pushing you to change your approach to love and security. Seek marriage as a fresh change in your life! The happiest Scorpio newlyweds will be those who plan to adopt or have step-children (or if you’re a freestyle, globe-trotting couple). These somehow turn domestic unpredictability into joy and uplifting humor. Make sure both of you remain free of any “barefoot in the kitchen” role. Do NOT invest heavily in a new home.

For singles, 2024 gets downright interesting. From July (right into mid-2021) your fortunes soar — financially and intimately. If you enter a sexual affair from July onward, it will enhance your self-worth, eradicate old fears, show you new reasons for living, and give you new and sweet mysteries to ponder. But be aware: your pregnancy quotient is hot and high!

You might have recently experienced a romantic attraction, perhaps to a co-worker. Late Feb. to mid-March could bring an old flame back, someone sweet yet indecisive about permanent bonds. Don’t dismiss this person — he or she will appear more attractive as March turns to April. Heated relationships characterize April-May — it’s love or anger. Love’s a higher probability, as May sweetens a special link even further, and almost throws you into sexual embraces through June. This time can bring a swift, significant change of partners.

July mellows your thoughts and feelings: real love emerges. Work/career demands shorten your time for love Aug. to Dec., but romance, esp. with someone met in a group, could grow anyway — you’ll grab it in intense snatches. All married Scorpios face lucky growth in family finances. Sit down with your spouse as early as June to plan retirement funds, investments, the children’s future.

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Sagittarius – (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Despite plentiful love lures, Sage, keep your main attention on work and other practicalities until late June. Those love enticements are sweet, though. They include a deep romantic impulse now to late March, a sweet gathering of love’s plums in April, and a volatile back-and-forth between you and a challenging, attractive person in May/June.

These love spices either magnify an affair which sang through your heart in 2019, or they’re piquant piccolos sent to awaken you to someone new. In either case, the opera’s the same: you enter a BIG marriage opportunity (not romance, not infatuation) from this summer through mid-summer of 2024.

In seeking love, you’ll display an unusual combination of cheerfulness and sobriety, of adventurism and maturity. You could be drawn to someone powerful, a successful businessperson, or a pillar of the community. But if you’re attracted primarily for reasons of age, prestige, power or status, you’ll end up disappointed. Join with someone for the sheer joy of interfacing. He/she will challenge, attract, excite, frustrate, and ultimately welcome you. You’ll have to do most of the chasing. (But why not, since this person is a source of luck for you, not vice-versa.)

As noted, May/June create a heated love attraction. This could be the person who grows to fill your relationship horizon. Be very wary late June and July, when indecision and psychological enemies abound. Romance comes as an intellectual uplift, a mental harmony, in Aug./Sept. — if you want to marry before August 22, go ahead! October’s full of sweet, light relationships, but the themes are heavy. Be quiet, contemplative mid-Oct. to mid-Nov.

Mid-Nov. through December, your heart swells on plans and wishes for the future of your love (or for anticipated pleasure jaunts). Flaunt your stuff in Dec., let your attractiveness show, especially if you haven’t yet latched onto that mate material — remember, you still have six months left! (April and June, 2024, will be huge love months.)

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Capricorn – (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

2020 brings voices from the past. An old flame could appear in Feb./March or June/July. You might form a hopeful new future together (or at least talk about it) in Oct./Nov. In any case, you will spend much of this year contemplating past opportunities in love.

If you have to choose between someone recently gone and someone new, choose the new. From April 2024 to September 2024, life will bless Caps who seek new horizons, new relationships and loves. The worst thing you can do, in this same period, will be to act independently, to refuse any deep link at all. This is NOT a good time to step out of the romance ring in order to “find your center” or “ground” yourself. Leave that for another year.

Good fortune enters your romantic sphere Feb. 14 to late June — not overnight, but in a slow, sweeping way which unfurls new emotional and relationship horizons. You’ll be attracted to someone who offers a strange blend of reliability and mystery, of cheerfulness and secrecy. You feel romantic yet duteous — and you want someone to take care of you. These motives are not wrong; they somehow lead you to the right person.

Don’t fight with children or your mate now to late March; angry words come too easily, sting too much. Your sexual/romantic vigor returns with a rush of courage late March to early May. May itself is a wildly sweet month, when your emotional castle lets down its drawbridges: tenderness and rapture flow forth. Express yourself with cards, flowers, or talk.

Late June through July bring love/hate vibes — you’re attracted, but you’ll only win that heart if you let him/her dominate. August/September sizzle with sexuality, perhaps toward a clandestine attraction. Your reputation is important to you, so if your love’s verboten, throw yourself into your career instead. October and November bring hints of wish fulfillment, of light romance; that deep urge to bond with another returns, too. But don’t dream so much you disappoint the boss at your work place!

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

In 2024, you move from a discouraging two-year funk into one of the most surprising, joyous romances of your life! This person’s oddly mysterious and cautious, yet loyal. He/she has deeply enduring goals and character traits.

Some effects of that 2018/2019 funk linger in your home and security arena until early August, then re-appear mid-October to April 2024. During these periods, avoid “setting up house” with your sweetheart, and don’t involve him or her with your family. If you ignore this advice, practical realities or a feeling of your own inadequacy can interfere with the progress of romance.

Nothing should be allowed to jeopardize your romantic prospects between July 2024 and July 2024: they’re the best you’ve seen for many, many years. You could fall so deeply in love that you actually rear back in fear of falling too far! Leo, Libra or Gemini are your most likely lovers now.

This major romantic phase incorporates one of your fondest desires: that your lover be a friend. You’ll likely meet this special person in a group setting — anything from a dinner party to a parliamentary session to a revolution. He/she might fulfill your social desires simply by being “many people in one” — or by taking you quickly into his/her circle of friends, and slipping easily into your circle. A noticable difference of ages could exist. Distant travel, relocation, educational or cultural venues (religion, media, the theatre, etc.) will play a prominent role in your relationship.

Love excites you in June, but proves healthier and luckier from early August to mid-October, and again late April 2024 to July ’01. During these last two periods, you can build a relationship of extreme durability, one which will grow deeper for decades. Don’t expect everything all at once from this sweet person. Be receptive, patient, listen to his or her fears and ponderings. Your new lover is deeply concerned with financial plans and sexual, psychological or spiritual mysteries. He/she will move very quickly into the ascending glow of love (and be secretly elated) if you broach these subjects. Find a private place to do so.

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Pisces – (Feb. 19-March 20)

Pisces, you can fall in love any year, even any month. Your main problem in love isn’t a scarcity of prospects, but your inability to choose. (Or to separate your imagination from the reality of a flirtation.)

From mid-April right into late 2024, you’ll bask in a sweet, peaceful romantic aura — but only if you focus on one passionate, even private love. If you party it up and play the field, you’ll head for an alluring thicket of dead-ends.

Pisceans who fall in love now (or continue last year’s relationship) face a lucky, enduring domestic opportunity from mid-July onward (into mid-2021). Search for a home to share your life together. (It’s better to buy than rent.) Young marrieds face a beautiful phase for pregnancy: the child would be bright, cheerful, yet a “sober builder.”

Even if 2024 isn’t a major stop on your life’s romantic map, you’ll feel warm and nurtured (by family, friends and events) from July into the middle of 2024. By this time next year you’ll glow with confidence and well-being — the very ingredients you’ll need to meet that huge love which could appear on the horizon.

Nor will you be bored in the meantime. Love’s nostalgia returns to your life in Feb./March, July, and Oct./Nov., likely bringing an old flame with it.

Before July, you’ll be busy with travel or communications relating to your career. Though some subtle nuances of attraction might occur with the contacts you make, you probably shouldn’t let any of them evolve into a committed romantic situation.

Intense romantic and sexual vibes thrust your way in June and July. A “summer love” is very possible. This entanglement, whether brief or long, begins a year of emotional grounding and luxuriant coziness.

If you’re unattached, don’t push affectionate situations in August — someone hints at more than they’ll deliver. September to December heats up a strong, sexual attraction — one which could leave you more committed than you’d planned on!

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