What element am I ? Water, Air, Earth or Fire.

It is said that the moment we come to the world matters a lot for the nature and inclinations with which we have been endowed since birth.

Therefore, we are governed by one of the 12 signs, with all the good things, but also the bad ones. Another series of features relate to the primordial sign that dominates that sign, corresponding to one of the four elements of our planet: Water, Air, Earth or Fire.

Knowing the zodiac signs and their particularities gives those who believe in these things an additional chance to establish compatibility between people.

These are useful details especially in terms of emotional relationships. As a result, information about the signs in the zodiac is an important criterion for establishing, for example, the compatibility between one sign and another.

Mostly, Water signs are characterized by a special artistic sense, and those of Fire are associated with impulsivity and passion.

About the signs of the Earth are said to define very pragmatic people, well anchored in reality, while people born under the sign of the Air are predestined to have unusual intellectual achievements. However, as each person is unique, the details make a difference in each case.

What are the Water zodiac signs

The zodiacal signs governed by Water are those represented by animals that live their lives in the liquid environment.

It is, of course, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Here, too, things are not so simple. That’s because, in their turn, the three signs are in a hierarchy: Scorpio is the fixed sign, Cancer is the cardinal sign, and Pisces are the variable or mutable sign.

All three have very strong emotional energy, and this sometimes seems to dominate them altogether.

The natives born under this sign are capable of having very personal opinions about everything, and at the same time, mimicking their attitude to the context.

In the same vein, Water signs always start to change the general attitude of those around in the opposite direction.

Also, those born in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are born with a phenomenal intuition. This helps them make the best decisions in fractions of a second. Sometimes they can’t even explain the logic behind them.

Last but not least, the fact that they were born under this sign makes them very good people, altruistic and ready to give a helping hand to the bereaved.

What are the Fire Zodiac signs

The signs governed by Fire are the Aries, the Lion and the Sagittarius. They are ruled by Mars, the god of war and often represent him with great aplomb.

The natives of this sign can be recognized from a distance. They are impulsive, sometimes ready for attack, always in search of a challenge, choosing action over anything.

Especially Aries are often immature in their determination to follow their starts at any cost. Unlike them, those born in Leo have a special sense of responsibility and justice. Their fire energy is channeled rather towards establishing justice.

They are disciplined and inclined not to accept compromises. And Sagittarius are calculated most of the time, ready to defend the weak, whether it be humans or animals.

However, the Fire sign sometimes breaks down. The natives of this sign act uncalculated, impetuous and unpredictable, in order to reach their purpose for the moment.

One by one, Fire signs give those who protect them a special flair, an ability to know from the first moment what is to be done, solving the problem before the others get rid of it.

What are the Air Zodiac signs

The Air element dominates Aquarius, Gemini and Libra zodiacs, special for their ability to adapt completely unusual.

These air signs make them rather introverted people, concerned with knowledge and logic and very skilled in analysis, but also synthesis.

However, the natives of this sign are good communicators, because they ignore unnecessary fireworks and use their logic to convey exactly what they need. Although they are quiet, they may be capable of stormy exits in situations where they feel wronged.

Twins are always open to new challenges and tasks and possess the quality that in today’s terms is called multitasking skills.

Aquarius people are attracted to strange things, unexplained phenomena, and hold immensely to their own beliefs. “You have fixed ideas” are the most often reproached that hear those born in this sign of air. An opinion that I obviously contradict.

At the same time, Libra has the ability to be extraordinarily sociable. You can recognize them because they are the people who live for the success they have in society.

What are the Earth Zodiac signs

The Earth dominates the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs, giving them stability and strong anchoring in the reality of the world they live in.

This sign gives its natives great respect for the family and the country in which they were born. At the same time, the three earth signs are characterized by an extraordinary sense of responsibility.

They do not leave their home and country, they fight a life for material goods and for greater well-being for themselves and those close to them.

They are inclined to study and appreciate the sciences of nature, mathematics, physics, geography, everything pertaining to the tangible reality.

I do not attach much importance, in this context, to abstract fields. It is the reason why they give proof of stubbornness and lack of understanding for the signs that they do not like.

Broadly speaking, compatibilities are dictated by the relation of nature between the primordial elements.

As a result, those in the Fire signs rarely make a good home with those born in Water signs. Likewise, even those in the zodiac sign of Air cannot be on the same wavelength as those born in the sign of the Earth.

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