Year of the Snake – 2024 Horoscope

We now see the horoscope of the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac: the snake. There is no diplomatic way to tell you that, Snake: you’re not going to live the best year. Unless the rest of your theme (Bazi / 4 Pillars of Destiny) goes in a different direction … You are the opposite sign to the sign of the year, the Pig, and as such you are struck frontally by this energy opposite. You must be careful in all things, but can take this year as an opportunity to work on you … so let’s see your horoscope in details.

Keep in mind that this horoscope is based only on your birth year which is only a quarter of your Chinese astrological chart. Do you know that you can have one, two, three or even four Snake signs in your natal chart? Your complete theme is Bazi or the Four Pillars of Fate. This complete picture often gives a very different picture than that offered by your simple year of birth / Chinese sign, and thus tells another story. This form of Chinese astrology, Bazi, is my specialty. It provides you with your personal life card, to find your vocation, to know your timing and to evolve positively.


If you are a sign of the Snake, there are clouds on the horizon for your love life. Snakes in pairs will probably experience difficult times. Without changing anything, you could use your partner’s patience during the year. In addition, you will not have a high hand in conversations. This is a great lesson in humility: just learn to really listen to what your partner has to say to you. If you hear these truths and work on these annoying points, you will go through this year much more easily. Your partner’s criticism will in some cases be unfair because of the “scapegoat” effect that your sign is undergoing this year. What you will need is to learn to practice a non-aggressive mode of communication throughout the year …

What about the single Snake then? Your destiny is a little different. You have a chance to meet someone new, especially for the women of the sign. However, the nature of this relationship could be difficult: either because of the new person’s personality or because of the circumstances. To be clear: this is a year in which you can have a little fun and meet some eccentric people. But to build a solid relationship, you will have to see if it lasts until the year of the Rat. The rest of your Bazi will be very revealing about this. In any case, remember not to pack too fast: get to know in depth before committing yourself.

Work and Money

Of course, this is also a difficult area for you snake during the year of the rat. If you are a boss, your employees will challenge you. This may be due to differences of opinion about how to do the work, or because you will face unexpected resignations or absences, etc. Do not leave anything behind, especially for contracts and insurance. Ideally, do not hire in this year (unless the rest of your Bazi says otherwise, of course). All snakes must be cautious in declaring their income and not neglecting legal deadlines.

If you work as an employee, your position might not be on this year. So do not make waves and do not become a yellow vest at work. The good thing is that if you change jobs, it could be to find better because you are a little helped by Yin Earth in the first part of this year 2024.

Finally, if you are self-employed, you may have to deal with a very competitive market. Your ability to adapt, even in your price, will be the key to spend the year more smoothly. Whatever your situation: be careful with your investments this year, native of the Snake. This is not the ideal year to buy, although some of you may have a chance with real estate. Again, it depends on your other pillars of Bazi …


No surprise here: your health is a sensitive area this year. The direct confrontation of the sign of the pig could lead to affections, including skin or blood. Generally, something like a psoriasis flare, connected to both organs, can not be ruled out. Good Chinese medicine will help you a lot and acupuncture is your best friend this year. There is also a risk of an accident this year: the Snake-Pig opposition may concern transport. Be careful when driving, for example, and avoid answering your phone at the same time. Same idea if you ride a bike. During such a year, it is also traditionally necessary to avoid transportation or water sports if possible. Of course, this advice is general and must be adapted to your Bazi …

Surprisingly, there is a good area for you this year: your personal development. This year of conflict with the Pig is a good time to better understand your psyche, and especially to understand your own contradictions. As a sign of Fire and Metal, you are a complex animal … But this year you will have a lot of backstage blows to get you out of your procrastination, bad habits or destructive mental patterns. In short, this year gives you the opportunity to be your own psychologist. A little isolation and meditation are therefore useful solutions at this time. I also recommend the spiritual practice of Nahualism found in the books of Sergio Magana, especially the masking techniques to dissociate you from your problems … Take this difficult year as a good opportunity to become the best version of yourself .

Good or bad horoscope: everything is a question of adaptation! Your sign can live a good year even during storms. The key is to predict what will happen to you, to prepare for it and adapt to it.

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