Year of the Dragon – 2024 Horoscope

We are now looking at the fate of a fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon. You have gone through a turbulent year in 2019, the year bringing your opposite sign, the Pig. Opposition with this energy has forced you to assess your priorities and focus on the essentials, especially working with your family. Some Dragons had to change jobs or move and globally it was a moment to see what were the strong or weak bases in your life. The sign of the rat is much nicer with your sign, Dragon, and you have a lot to gain from this year … so let’s see your horoscope in details.

Keep in mind that this horoscope is based only on your birth year which is only a quarter of your Chinese astrological chart. Do you know that you can have one, two, three or even four Dragon signs in your natal chart? Your complete theme is Bazi or the Four Pillars of Fate. This complete picture often gives a very different picture than that offered by your simple year of birth / Chinese sign, and thus tells another story. This form of Chinese astrology, Bazi, is my specialty. It provides you with your personal life card, to find your vocation, to know your timing and to evolve positively.


For your love life, it’s quite or twice this year. Both men and women of the sign can find a new partner, but will also have to be realistic. As a Dragon, you sometimes have unrealistic ideas – a sign of the whimsical psyche that governs your sign – and you do not always make enough effort to meet people as they are. There could actually be some great friendships that are developing this year, and one could evolve into a romantic relationship. However, you must open your eyes to these new possibilities and not seek perfection. There is also a feeling of competition in your relationship this year, and it could be tedious. Try not to play this game: on the contrary, avoid being aggressive or possessive. It is by overcoming your jealousy that you will win this year, not by feeding these destructive emotions.

If you are already in a relationship, you should have better times this year. 2024 has been intense and stressful for your couple. This year, you can put things in order and find mutual support. The warning is however the same: remove any feeling of competition between you. Especially if you are in an open relationship or poly love! What will work is to focus on a common project, such as transforming your home.

Work and Money

The recipe for success this year Dragon is very simple: build bridges. The year really has a dual energy for your work. If you try to be competitive, it will turn against you. You will then generate a lot of competition and aggression around you. This is not the right time to be too ambitious and to overshadow. If, however, you make efforts to work well as a team, you will transform that energy. People will love you then, and you will find a lot of complementarity by associating their skills and ideas with yours. Even if you are freelance, I advise you to do the same and to contact interesting people who could complete your offer. If you are looking for a job, the same idea: show, during the job interviews, how much you are a team player and how you will bring new skills that will complement what they already have in their business. Finally, know that there is money to be earned for the Dragons during the year of the rat. However, it appears more during the second half of the year and especially during the winter months. If you are self-employed, focus on this second half and it should pay off. But this money could also come to you indirectly, such as through your family.


Overall, this year really helps you build bridges and become part of a community. It can be a good year to join an ecovillage and take root. Get out, network and meet as many people as you can. During the second half, you can travel and live rewarding experiences. You could finally find places to which you belong; if you do not get along well with your family, you might find a second spiritual family this year. It is also a time when your faults will become obvious and any sign of individualism will put you in a difficult situation. So think of others and how you can help them, and you will help yourself …

Good or bad horoscope: everything is a question of adaptation! Your sign can live a good year even during storms. The key is to predict what will happen to you, to prepare for it and adapt to it.

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