Leo 2024 Horoscope

leo 2024 horoscope
General overview for the year 2024

You always love to be on the spot-light, and this year will provide ample scope for this. 

Dame Luck smiles in all Her Glory on your sign and you will have enough reasons to thank your stars throughout the year except for occasional challenging situations in the beginning of the year.  Interesting new methods can be derived by studying the work-pattern of others which will boost your productivity at work.

  Wedding bells ring for eligible natives of this sign.  Be discreet and careful in your dealings with members of opposite gender especially in the middle of the year.  Your good luck will be unsullied throughout the year as long as you avoid unscrupulous activities of any sort.


You will be able to identify new sources of income especially if you are into business activities.  This year provides ample scope for you to improve your financial position. 

Many of you might get opportunity to redeem documents that have been mortgaged by paying backyour debts.  Amount due to you from others will also be realized gradually. This is an excellent year for acquisition of both movable and immovable assets.

You will have the rare knack of spending for the essentials while at the same time limiting unnecessary and frivolous expenditure – in short, money will be well-spent along the right channels this year. Speculative activities will bring satisfactory gains if you do the homework on them properly, and avoid unnecessary risks.


Winds seem to be blowing your way this year.  Long-awaited promotions can materialize this year.  You will get good support from associates and will excel in all career activities. 

Excursions/ picnics in the company of associates will help to forge good camaraderie with your team members.  Those in show-biz will have opportunity to play stellar roles that will give an excellent boost to their career. 

Politicians will get elected to prestigious positions commensurate with their status in the field.  Businessmen will find it auspicious to enter new partnerships or initiate futuristic ventures this year.  Court-cases/ litigation on service matters, or IT related hearings may mostly get decided in your favour.

Romantic possibilities, social relationships

You will enjoy domestic peace and marital happiness.  Romantic matters are under favourable planetary influences.  You will prove to be a lucky mascot to other close family members also.  Achievements of your siblings or children will leave you proud and contented.  Celebrations and auspicious functions in the family will leave you happy and in a very positive frame of mind.


Complaints arising from indigestion, jaundice, or other infectious diseases may give you occasional trouble, if other directional influences based on your natal charts are tough.  Otherwise, you will enjoy good health throughout the year.

Important periods in the year 2009
  • Best periods for travel : February, March, July, August, October, December.
  • Best periods for Romance, family matters: January, April, July, August.
  • Best periods for new ventures: July, August, September, December.

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