How to reach orgasm depending on the zodiac sign

Sexual behavior is written in the stars, and this is no longer a surprise to anyone, given that the personality of the natives is strongly influenced by the zodiac sign under which they were born.

Whether you want to drive your partner crazy in bed, or you want to find an easier way to reach orgasm, read the following lines and find out the secret of a successful sex party.


Aries are passionate and spontaneous people of their own kind, so a failed game involves the opposite of these characteristics. To reach orgasm, natives need bold sexual positions, such as those performed on a chair or on the walls of the bathroom. The erogenous zones that should be stimulated during this time are the ears. Gentle bites, sensual whispers and wet kisses will drive the zodiac representatives crazy with pleasure.


Although Taurus are conservative people, it does not mean that they do not want to be pleasantly surprised in the bedroom. They may not be followers of bold erotic positions, as are Aries, but they want to feel loved and safe with their partner. The throat is their erogenous zone, so it must be fully stimulated both during foreplay and during intercourse. In their case, the position doesn’t even matter anymore, the attitude is important.


No one can blame the natives for not being energetic and creative in bed. Of course, they expect the same from their partner, otherwise they do not easily reach orgasm. The hands are their erogenous zones, and the sexual positions that impress them must be as crazy as possible.


The romantic of the zodiac, Cancer, needs a lot of attention in bed, so he can’t reach orgasm with any partner, but with an affectionate one. The chest and, especially, the nipples are the most sensitive areas of them, and the positions that should be emphasized to reach the climax are the romantic ones. Cancers feel the need to establish a special connection with their loved one, and visual contact is extremely necessary in this case.


Don’t know how to make a zodiac sign shiver? Well, find out that the back is their erogenous zone. A sensual massage accompanied by passionate kisses will definitely warm up the atmosphere in the bedroom. Do not exclude erotic games from the script if you want to cause a strong orgasm to your loved one.


The natives are very pretentious in bed, so you need to know some erotic tricks to rise to the level of their pretensions. The abdomen is their favorite erogenous zone, and the position that lifts them to the heights of pleasure is called the wheelbarrow. Even if it cannot be easily put into practice, it is important to know that natives like complex sexual positions.


Do you want to raise the natives of the zodiac in the ninth heaven? They rely on the fact that the buttocks are their erogenous zones, so they must be fully stimulated both during foreplay and during intercourse. Position 69 is in the top of erotic preferences, so it should not be excluded during erotic parties for explosive sensations.


It is no longer a surprise to anyone that the natives are the most passionate in the whole horoscope. Their desires know no bounds in the field of sex, and the imagination is surprising. You don’t have to do too many things for your loved one to reach orgasm because it’s enough to give him a passionate match. However, to be unforgettable, do not forget that the genitals represent their sensitive area, and oral sex is the icing on the cake.


Spontaneous and energetic, the native of the zodiac can reach orgasm only if he has a partner next to him who is equally involved during sexual intercourse. The thighs and their inner part are the erogenous zones of the Sagittarius sign. The erotic positions in which the loved one dominates climb the representatives to the heights of pleasure.


The representatives of the sign are attentive to details, so they have the same expectations from the couple’s partner. The area behind the knees is a sensitive area for them, and the preferred positions are the classic ones. As long as they feel safe with their partner, they can easily reach orgasm.


No one can say about Aquarius that they are shy people. On the contrary, they show disinhibition. Unusual erotic experiences are always to their liking. And if you want to stimulate their erogenous zones, find out that these are the legs and ankles. The natives reach orgasm in the inverted riding position.


Given that Pisces is one of the most romantic signs, they can not reach orgasm with any partner. They need special attention in bed to know the peaks of pleasure. Lotus is their favorite position, and touching the soles with the tongue or various fine objects drives them crazy with pleasure.

Now that you have learned how each sign reaches orgasm more easily, put into practice the advice offered and do not forget which are the areas to which you should pay more attention.

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