Men’s sexual fantasies according to the zodiac sign

Representatives of the opposite sex do not always confess when it comes to their erotic desires, but prefer to keep certain spicy details for themselves. Wouldn’t you like to surprise your boyfriend and give him the impression that you guessed his thoughts, fulfilling his most hidden sexual fantasies?

Now you have the opportunity to prove to him that you are the best partner he could have with him. Astrology reveals to you the erotic mysteries that men hide.

Here are the fantasies of men according to the sign!

Aries Men’s fantasies

Passionate and energetic Aries do not waste too much time before acting, especially when it comes to sexual activity. If you want to fulfill your boyfriend’s erotic fantasies, you have to show spontaneity and imagination. The Aries man is dominant in bed, loving to play the role of a hunter, so get ready to be his sensual prey. Let yourself be consumed by his inner passion and prepare to obey him in what he wants. Never let monotony interfere between you, but keep your mind open for … everything.

What do Taurus men want in bed?

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus are sensual and loyal, so you drew the big draw when you decided to get involved in a relationship with such a native. They like romantic gestures and moments planned in advance. A perfect evening includes an aphrodisiac dinner, candles and exotic flavors. Raise foreplay to the rank of art and let your lover eat dessert or fruit from your body. He will definitely be extremely pleased with the surprise you give him.

The erotic desires of the Gemini natives

Gemini has a complex personality, so you have to be well prepared to satisfy the fantasies of a man in this sign. Today they want you to whisper nice words in their ear, tomorrow they will tear your clothes off and throw you on the bed. Other things to consider if you are with a man born in this sign are spontaneity and diversity. So, if you want to surprise your partner, propose to him to have sex in a public place.

How to catch a Cancer man in bed

Before getting involved in a relationship, Cancers need to feel safe. If their needs are met, they will take care to reward their partner tenfold. Get ready to give your boyfriend all your attention, otherwise he will start asking questions if you don’t have someone else. To warm up the atmosphere in the bedroom, perform an erotic dance and do not be afraid to be a little aggressive.


Before you know the fantasies of men according to the sign of Leo, you must prepare for an intense erotic race. Monotonous sex parties have nothing to look for in a native’s bedroom, they dream of shows all right. Erotic roles delight them, so you should think of some scenarios that could impress your lover. Put shyness aside and serve him a seasoned oral sex with smiles and lascivious looks.

What does Virgo want in bed?

Although he seems good at first sight, the Virgin Man has many sensual thoughts in his mind. If you want to know his fantasies, you have to expect precise criticism and guidance beforehand. These are the effects of his obsession with perfection.

However, don’t be fooled by appearances. The native likes to “get dirty” in the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to be naughty in his company, but prove to him that you have a rich imagination. Dominate him in bed and punish him for moments of disobedience. Now is your time. !

Libra and erotic fantasies

Considered the best man in bed, the Libyan native needs (in turn) a woman who is able to meet his erotic needs. Among the fantasies of men according to this sign is sex in threes, of course with two women.

As the natives perceive the erotic acts as an adventure, don’t be surprised if they suggest you play a game in the bathroom of a place or to excite him under the table. When you are in the privacy of the bedroom, spice up the atmosphere with screams and you will definitely impress him.

What do Scorpio men want from a woman?

Men’s fantasies according to the Scorpio sign are not easy to decipher, given how mysterious the natives are. Although I tell you that they do not have a specific desire, they still secretly think of intense and passionate erotic parties. Oral and anal sex are among their preferences in this case. This information should not surprise you at all, because Scorpio likes to explore everything. Get ready for dirty discussions and long race games.


Sagittarius is playful and inventive in bed, so his desires are often spontaneous. He likes sex parties from the first date and does not shy away from anything.

Get ready to keep up with him and propose complex sexual positions. Outdoor erotic acts excite him to madness, so don’t forget this next time you leave town. Car parties should not be excluded either if you want to impress him in the erotic chapter.

Sexual scenarios of a Capricorn

Although Capricorns tend to hide their emotions and thoughts, it does not mean that you cannot discover their most hidden sexual fantasies. For starters, consider that natives like experienced women, so it’s no longer time to be shy in bed.

Prove to her that you are good at erotic art and offer her all kinds of sexy games. However, don’t expect too much spontaneity, so the effort will fall on your shoulders. Masturbate in front of him and you will offer him an erotic delight of great days.


Inventive and energetic, Aquarius is surprising in bed, so it’s not easy to keep up with them or satisfy their sexual needs. Natives like to learn new things.

Therefore, be open when your partner suggests you watch porn movies. If you are not totally against it, show them that you are willing to practice some sadomasochism techniques. You should not say NO to erotic roles and parties in public places.


Pisces men are extremely romantic in bed and give themselves body and soul. They feel the need to pay attention to them, to feel loved and even adored. In their view, erotic parties should be a sensual ritual. The foreplay should never be omitted, and the best way to start it is a massage or a bath with sexual notes.

Stimulate his erogenous zones, look him intensely in the eye and whisper words of love. You will definitely conquer it completely.

When you are with your partner, remember the fantasies of men according to your zodiac sign and fulfill his most burning desires. Not only will you read the delight on his face, but he will also reward you according to your efforts.

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