What Zodiac Sign should I Marry?

Tell me what sign you are to tell you who you are marrying! This could be a topical reinterpretation of the old and well-known proverb.

Impulsive or compromised character, proud nature or stubbornness can influence your marriage and are, in turn, influenced by the sign under which you were born.

Find out how your marriage will go according to your zodiac sign!

The signs of fire, water, air or earth have different characters. If you are the impulsive one in the couple, discussions can ensue.

Which sign is more stubborn? But calmer? Astrologers say that marriage is influenced by the signs of the partners and the stars that govern them.


If you were born under the sign of Aries, you are certainly an impulsive person, because the sign that dominates you is one of fire, under the power of the planet Mars. However, each of your relationships will be serious and you may have more marriages throughout your life. It is not excluded to marry even the first person you fall in love with.

The signs with which you can have a happy marriage are Libra and Sagittarius.


People ruled by the Taurus land sign are traditionalists, so if you fall into this category, it means that you love the status of a married woman. Your relationships are always serious, because the planet that protects you is Venus. Also, the fact that you are well anchored in reality will protect you from marital failures, because you have the ability to analyze the situation in the cold.

As for other signs with which you can make a good house, these are Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo.


If you are governed by the air sign of Gemini, it means that you fall into the category of intelligent women, always young and with great creative potential, who attract men’s attention through their qualities. Regarding marriage, however, astrologers advise you to be careful when taking the big step, because formalizing a relationship should not be done in a hurry, even if you get carried away. With an Aquarius or a Sagittarius you could make a happy couple.


People born in the sign of Cancer have a sensitive character, dominated by the night star, the Moon. If you are also a native of this sign, it means that you are a warm and loving person, dedicated to family life. Among the characteristics of this sign is the willingness to compromise for the relationship to work and to avoid divorce.

Among the other signs with which you can get along wonderfully, Capricorns and Pisces stand out.


Because Lions are protected from the fire sign of the Sun and they like to be constantly in the center of attention, even in family life they do not deviate from the rule. If you are also a representative of this sign, your partner must know that you can love the idea of marrying a person who has a high status in society. Also, the fire that governs you makes you a person who can formalize a relationship under the impulse of passion.

Among the partners that suit you are Aquarius and Sagittarius, with which you can make a good home when it comes to marriage.


Devotion to the home and concern for household chores will amaze your life partner if you are born under the earth sign of Virgo. The attention with which you treat your partner and the realism you show will keep you away from marital failures. You are not impulsive when making decisions about relationships, so you have all the chances to choose the ideal partner for marriage.

You must know that the people you get along with best are those governed by the sign of Virgo, because they can really appreciate you for the effort made both in the relationship and in the home.


Ladies under the protection of the Libra air sign are always attractive and know how to charm their partners. If you are also part of this category ruled by the planet of love, Venus, it means that you know how to be liked by your loved one. You are also concerned with creating a special atmosphere in the marital home, and sometimes you are willing to compromise. You should know, however, that this is not always the best solution in a relationship.

Astrologers believe that the formalization of the relationship of a Libra should be done after careful analysis, to avoid the sentimental failures to which this sign is prone.

The most suitable partners for a successful relationship in your case are Aries and Aquarius.


As a representative of the sign of Scorpio, you are full of energy, passionate and dedicated to the marital home. Your water sign determines you to choose a strong and intelligent life partner, who can cope with your pace of life.
The most suitable for a marriage with a representative of this sign ruled by the planet Pluto are those born in the sign of Taurus, but they can also have a good relationship with Cancers or Pisces.


If you are a native of the sign of Sagittarius, it means that you recognize yourself by the following signs: lover of adventure and freedom, hard to be satisfied in a relationship, feminist and emancipated. Because of your changeable nature, you risk having a few failed relationships in life.

Astrologers advise you to look for the right pair among Gemini and Lions.


If you are also part of the category of ladies ruled by the earth sign of Capricorn, you are probably the kind of person who likes stable relationships and who knows how to make their partner happy. Also, you dedicate yourself entirely to the home, and the family life seems made especially for you.

The best partners of Capricorn in marriage prove to be Cancer and Taurus.


The representatives of the sign of Aquarius are emancipated and do not tolerate jealousy from their partners, but, at the same time, they are faithful. If you find yourself in this description, it means that you have a stable marriage, because you know how to make your partner happy.

For Aquarius, the ideal partners in a relationship are those born in the signs of Leo and Gemini.


As a native of this water sign, you are a person who knows how to delight your partner through sensuality and you are also aware of your duty to the home. Don’t back down from compromising to sacrificing when your loved one needs help.

In terms of marriage, Virgos and Scorpios make a good home with Pisces.

The stars influence your personality, but in terms of the aspect of marriage according to your zodiac sign, you need to find the common side with your partner through communication. The latter is the key that opens the door to a happy relationship, beyond the planetary aspects.