Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope

sagittarius 2021 horoscope

General overview for the year 2021

You may be consumed by a burning desire to change the pattern of things around you especially during the first quarter of the year.  However, your views may be too radical for others around you resulting in differences and arguments creeping in. 

You will encounter quite a few obstacles for your progress though you might be working with the best of interests. 

Secret enemies may try to undermine your prospects seriously, and your own flamboyant and aggressive tendencies may work against you – especially during the middle of the year. 

On the positive side, friends and well-wishers will chip in during critical periods to bail you out of tough situations.


Financial prospects look moderately favourable.  You will be able to balance the inflows and outflows. 

However, you cannot afford to have a laid-backattitude towards financial matters as this can undermine your prospects. 

Be sensible about the way you handle money; if you squander away life-savings with your usual ”money will come and go – why should we worry?” attitude, you might find yourself trapped in dangerous quagmires of financial difficulties later on. 

There is scope for gaining much by speculative activities if you get the advice from the right quarters and go about the transactions with a disciplined frame of mind.

Career prospects

Many of you might be tempted to change place of work, or may willingly assume new organizational roles.  The first quarter of the year is the best period for new ventures in career or for change of jobs.

  Litigations during this period have more chance of being decided in your favour. The period after April gets tougher regarding career matters, and there is even the possibility of your strategies backfiring upon you till the year end.  Politicians of this sign will fare better than those in service and other professions.

  Businessmen should be careful while signing new partnerships as some conflicts are foreseen in this regard.  Profits from trade may also not be to your expectation, and even some well-established business persons of this sign may contemplate possible change of business line this year.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life

There is possibility of marital discord in the family – partly due to your own attitude of expecting others to embrace radical changes that you introduce in life-patterns, without questioning you in any way. 

Those in already strained relationships may even decide to take legal recourse to end the marriage.  Single natives of this sign may find it difficult to shortlist compatible partners.  Domestic peace can be maintained only if you learn to respect and address the concerns of others around you.


Piles, diseases of the private parts, Urinary infections/ incontinency, and communicable diseases are some of the ailments that might afflict natives of this sign this year.  Your general vitality is not likely to be high this year, and many of you might need constant medications to maintain good health.  Health of spouse, and other close relatives may also be under the weather.

Important periods in the year 2021

  • Best period for travel: January, February, March, August, September, October.
  • Best period for romance/ family matters: January, February, May, November.
  • Best period for new ventures: January, February, March, September, December.