Scorpio 2024 Horoscope

General overview for the year 2024

Though planetary aspects are not exactly in symphony for your sign, they impel you to be more assertive and active in pursuit of your goals, and hence indirectly facilitate success in your life. 

Scorpios having birthdates between November 7th and November 14th will enjoy better prospects this year.  They will enjoy good respect wherever they go, and those looking forward to settle well in life will get good opportunities to do so.  Those born in the period November 14th to November 17th should be most careful in all activities as they are likely to become victims of gossip or scandals. 

Legal matters should be handled carefully. You should avoid getting entangled in unnecessary controversies in August.


Financial position will wax and wane in alternating cycles during this year.  You may find it difficult to save enough as per your targets due to mounting expenditure. 

This is not the best of times to plan major investments as some sort of trouble is foreseen in matters related to property transactions.  Speculative activities will yield moderate profits.

 Your previous investments have a chance of appreciating this year – but you should be most careful while making fresh investments. It is best to avoid risky financial transactions as your luck is not exactly positive this year.

Career prospects

Though some obstacles are likely in career matters, you will manage to overcome them with your typical Scorpionic inner strength and courage – reasserting your domination over others by your success. 

Be guarded in your interactions with associates of the opposite gender if you wish to avoid scandals/ unnecessary rumours.  Avoid unnecessary verbal duels with others at work, no matter how much you feel provoked by others. 

Act in your typical Scorpio style – “Talk softly but let your actions speak strongly and forcefully beating your rivals down into submission.”  Businessmen also have mixed luck this year.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life

There could be trouble due to machinations of cousins, uncles/ aunts, or other members of the extended family.  

Your own parents and siblings will be highly supportive. Be diplomatic in your interactions with family members to avoid unnecessary controversies.  Those looking forward to settle in marital life will tie the knot after some initial failures in identifying the best match. You will be a lucky mascot for your siblings and children. 

Family life will be enjoyable if you are responsible in your attitude (avoiding the roving eye syndrome!).


You are prone to urinary infections, ear troubles, and water-borne diseases.  Health of parents – especially your mother – might need added attention.  You will be able to maintain good health as long as you curb the tendency to indulge yourself too much regarding the good things in life.

Important periods in the year 2024

Best period for travel: January, February, April, July, August, December.
Best period for romance/ family matters:January, April, June, August, October, December.
Best period for new ventures: January, February, July, October, December.

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