Libra 2021 Horoscope

General overview for the year 2021

You will enjoy excellent luck this year.  Favours from government or superiors, acquisition of new assets, general positive turn of events in all sectors of life, benefit from different sources, added warmth in relationships, auspicious events in the family, and an exciting social life are indicated in the stars for this sign. 

You may be called upon to handle more responsibilities this year. Though this year is expected to be generally auspicious for you, sustained effort, patience, and calm are required to enjoy the maximum potential of the positive planetary influences.


Your financial position looks satisfactory.  There will be opportunity to enjoy gains from various sources.

Speculative activities will be gainful.  Ancestral property matters will get settled amicably; natives of this sign who are under favourable directional influences may gain major inheritances. 

You will be an energetic frame of mind to take calculated risks, and winds of fortune do blow your way helping you to gain through enterprise and hard work.

Career prospects

You will enjoy excellent interpersonal rapport with superiors, associates, and subordinates. 

Litigation pertaining to service matters may get decided in your favour.  Long-awaited promotions or increments may come your way.  Astrologers, Film artists, music composers, scientists, and software industry will enjoy excellent prospects. 

Those in health sector, Family Welfare, or such other industries will enjoy moderately good results.  Politicians may take their shot at bagging prestigious appointments.  You will excel in all career related matters this year.

Romantic possibilities, social relationships

Matters of children will proceed smoothly.  Those looking forward to beginning a family may try to conceive this year.  Marital life will be satisfactory.  Exciting possibilities in romance are foreseen for single natives.  Travels will enjoyable and productive to a large extent.  You will be the cynosure of any societal gathering due to the warmth of your behaviour and innate charms.


Neuralgia, gastric complaints, and occasional fevers might trouble you on certain occasions. You should also be more careful while traveling or driving vehicles as the possibility of minor injuries is foreseen.  Health of elderly relatives may cause concern – necessitating visits to hospitals or health-care facilities.

Important periods in the year 2021

  • Best periods for travel : January, March, July, August, December.
  • Best periods for Romance, family matters : January, March, April, June, August.
  • Best periods for new ventures: January, July, August, October, December.