What not to do during the Full Moon in Taurus on October 31

Find out what not to do during the Full Moon that will form in the sign of Taurus on October 31! There comes a rather complicated period for several zodiac signs, and the stars come to their aid with valuable advice.

The phenomenon of the Full Moon on October 31 will leave its mark especially on those who did not act in time, because now time has no patience with them at all.

Among those affected by the phenomenon at the end of October are Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Scorpio .

What not to do during the Full Moon on October 31st

Aries: Stop looking for answers in obvious places, but try to see things in depth. Some things are not what they seem and you will be convinced of that from October 31 onwards.

Taurus: Don’t argue with co-workers and don’t respond to challenges. Try to be patient for as long as you can.

Gemini: Stop looking at past events with guilt, horror, regret. Try to look ahead because life has many beautiful things to offer you.

Cancer: It doesn’t make dark scenarios in your mind even if the financial situation squeaks. The most important thing is to keep your balance.

Leo: Give up helping others if they don’t get helped. You can’t save humanity, so you better go your own way.

Virgo: Do not exaggerate in certain battles of ideas, but try to listen more. Even if you tend to interrupt a conversation partner many times, this time it is advisable to keep quiet.

Libra should not lie on one ear, and Capricorns should not start scandals

Libra: Don’t sleep on one ear, even if good news comes from a financial point of view. By neglecting the sentimental side you can suffer.

Scorpio: The Full Moon gives you the opportunity to stop putting sticks in the wheels of those around you and to apologize where you went wrong.

Sagittarius: Stop looking for all sorts of explanations for your nervous outbursts, repeated blunders, for all the things you’ve caused lately.

Capricorn: Don’t start a conflict if you don’t want to get involved in it to the end. Give up doing the arsonist again.

Aquarius: Remember that the really important people in your life will always be where you need them.

Pisces: You have to let go of yourself in conversations with older people, to stop being a jerk.