Most Accurate Chinese Horoscope 2024

What is the animal and elements of the Chinese horoscope in 2024?

In the Chinese horoscope the year 2024 is the year of the Golden Ox. That is, those born in the Chinese year 2024 their animal is the Ox (name in Chinese, Niu) and their element is gold.

Looking for the equivalence of this horoscope sign with the western signs of the zodiac, its equivalent would be Capricorn.
What characteristics do people of the Chinese horoscope born in 2024 have?

In addition to the animal and the aforementioned element, the main characteristic of its personality is industriousness, its hours of influence are between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning and its cardinal point is North-Northeast.

People born in 2024, being Ox have the month of influence as the month of January, as lucky colors they have white, yellow and green and their lucky numbers are 1, 4 and all that number that is composed of a combination of them.
People whose Chinese horoscope animal is Ox, what elements do they have associated with?

According to Chinesisches Horoskop 2024 when you are born in 2024 and are Ox, your element is gold. However, it has other associated elements such as the Onyx stone, the Saturn planet and its lucky flowers are tulip, morning glory and peach blossom.
What other signs of the Chinese zodiac is the Ox compatible with?

People who are Ox have compatibility with the Rat, the Snake and the Rooster of the Chinese horoscope.


This is a year in which love will act behind the scenes, while family will steal all the limelight. Family conflicts will be on the front page.
Risks of losing your job will make your character much more irascible, even violent at times. It will be a year of important decisions that you must make.

Rats that have a stable partner will rest on the idea that they have already conquered the land of love and that they no longer need to do anything to attract love into their life. This false feeling of having gained ground that no one really ever finishes, will put them in an uncomfortable situation when complaints about the lack of care received begin to affect their marital relationship.

When they realize that they have acted negligently, it may already be too late and their partners have found someone to care for them as everyone they love should be cared for.

Those people of this sign who are single will not find true love this year, but not for lack of proposals, but because family conflicts will absorb all their attention. It is better not to get involved with anyone in a sentimental way, as you could end up hurting a very special person. If you are patient, protect who you know can be your partner later, and dedicate yourself to living various romances during this year.


You start the year very well looking, but you will have a mental relapse from August. New ventures will take place at the work level, which will take away the free time you had and that you dedicated to your family. Your partner will be patient, but up to a certain limit.

The oxen that were looking for love will not take long to find it once 2024 is firmly established, but most of them will lose it because they did not know how to decide correctly between the two people they had as options. You will have to learn to be more cautious and not to buy everything that they sell you. Always remember that a smile that is too wide can be the previous step to being eaten by the big bad wolf, just as it happened to Little Red Riding Hood.

Those who were in a serious relationship will have a very good, peaceful and harmonious year until August, when their partners will feel overwhelmed by the demands that the ox lifestyle imposes on them. You must try to lower your level of demand, in a house things are done in pairs and, if it cannot be done, then you are not standing in a good place to demand.

The situation gradually returns to its starting point in October, but there will be certain resentments that will have to be worked on so that they do not turn into grudges.

Work and Money
You will receive a unique proposal to go back to a job that you used to love, but had to be fired because you were near bankruptcy. You will have to decide between the loyalty you owe to today’s entrepreneurs, and the love you feel for that place where you learned so much. It will be hard, but you decide it will represent the best for you and yours.

Money will not give you surprises this year, neither good nor bad. Avoid games of chance, since you are not well aspected to be lucky at them. Work, hard and constant, will be the one that helps you progress in your economy.


When a year is badly aspected, there is nothing that those born under that sign can do to change that. Therefore, this will be your case. The children of the tiger will have a year full of tensions, shocks and a share of bitterness. Love will turn its back on you, work will demand that you give your life and the family will look at you with suspicion. Could something else happen to the biggest feline this year? Yes, by the way, the money will not reach you.

If you are single or single, you must be very careful with false illusions, since this year they will haunt you without leaving you a break. You will feel that love is looking for you with every look that crosses yours, and if they smile at you, you will think that it is a veiled declaration of love. However, nothing could be further from those people than to insinuate with you.

If you are married, an infidelity of your partner towards you will win the game, since you will not be the person chosen to stay with the prince or princess. A separation is looming in your life and it only remains for you to put together the pieces that will remain of you.

On the other hand, you will have to be very careful with people who come into your life with supposed romantic intentions, since what they want is to keep the little money you have.


Among the least graceful for this year we find the Rabbit. Your life will be a difficult mountain to climb this year. Breaks and breaks will be bothering you throughout the year and it is not ruled out that they fall into a depressing well from which they need professional help to get out.

The good side is that you will be able to find yourself again with the possibility of going in search of those dreams that you left behind long ago to start a life of two and face the responsibilities of a solid partner.

Rabbits will see their relationship crumble before their eyes. Arguments, overwork, lack of dedication and boredom, will have finally plowed deep into the patience of their partner and the natives of this sign will have to endure untimely claims, as well as abandonment.

Those who have not found love by the beginning of the year, will be victims of several people who are dedicated to making others fall in love to play with their feelings. Be careful with the people you associate with, as the least you need are the most dislikes in your busy life.


Reunions, loves and heartbreaks and a financial venture will be the four pillars for the year 2024 for the snake.
Although there will be the occasional event that stains all the good that will be given to you, the vast majority of events will be very positive.

You finally find your soulmate and a period of self-discovery begins for you through this person you will meet. You will see in him or her your defects and virtues reflected, so your new love will be like a mirror for you. This will help you correct those things that need to be fixed, while also beginning to value yourself in a different way.

If you are already in a relationship, you will discover something magnificent: the person you are with is the one they will want to grow old with. Years have passed and now compatibility reaches its peak, making their partners the support they need and from which they will never want to part.

Those snakes that are going through a stage of separation or divorce will be disappointed, since they will be waiting for their partners to want to return. A cycle has ended and the love is gone, at least for their partners. However, snakes will still harbor some love in their hearts towards their former loves. This will be a very tough time for divorcing snakes.


A year with challenges and changes is what awaits the horse. Love is presented with novelties, but with the same partner. Work brings some scares, but they are solved later, while the personal growth part will be in conflict between what you want to do and the time you would have to take from your family to carry it out.

Until July you will live a stable and harmonious relationship, but what for you is peace and beauty, for your partner implies a dangerous boredom. However, during these months, your partner will dedicate themselves to putting together a few ideas that they will then share with you so that they can materialize. In other words, from August a new, unsuspected stage begins for you, in which you will have the possibility of fulfilling your partner’s fantasies. There is no doubt that you will learn many things, especially to look at life from the perspective of the other.

Those who do not have a partner will have a year very sprinkled with romances and it will be difficult for them to find stability, which will come from the hand of a person they will meet by chance on the street or in a meeting with friends.


Goats will shine in everything they do this year. Their partners will be captivated to have someone so wonderful by their side, while at work they will be able to display all their knowledge for the benefit of all. Beware of envy, because when you emit your own light, people who always need others to be someone turn ladinas and can harm you.

Your partner will discover new things in you that will make him feel totally dazzled. Until now, he had taken certain things for granted, but he will realize that finding you meant a lot more than he used to believe. This will make each day by your side much more valued than it used to be. You will be honored and flattered by the person who will choose you, even more tenaciously, to spend your life by your side.

If you are not in a relationship, you will have to use your discernment, since there will be many people who want to spend time with you and who seek your company. Take care in this regard, since some will be carried away by the dazzling they feel for you, but they will not have true feelings, so you will have to be cautious and not let them break your heart for a simple mistake.


The stagnation of the past is left behind and now you are on a race to stardom. Artists born under the sign of the monkey will have a spectacular year, both in terms of the creation itself, and the result that they can turn the world over.

Opportunities will knock on your door and you just have to say yes in order to reach the top of where you have always wanted to get.

The presence of your partner will be essential this year, as it will represent not only the inspiration, but also the support you need to grow. If you live in pairs, you can do nothing for yourself if the other does not help you. If you had an unconventional vocation and job, your partner will finally understand that this is important to you and will give you all their understanding and support, even compensating you for the indifference and lack of credibility that they gave you in the past.


The children of the rooster will be surprised at the speed changes that life has prepared for them. Some things will take a lot of effort to achieve, while others will arrive on your doorstep, without you having time to have wished for them before. This dynamic of unbalanced forces can give you the false idea that everything is achieved by sitting down and waiting, but be careful, because real life is not like that at all.

Those looking for a partner will feel that it is very easy to find one, since there will be many people in the round showing interest in the roosters. However, they will not be more than simple flirtations without substance or true feelings. Therefore, it may be that, if they do not know how to choose well and, mainly, if they do not cultivate their own personality and realize that beauty is ephemeral, they may see that December is leaving without leaving them a love to enjoy.

Those who are in a relationship will reap the fruit of their past attitudes. If the masses have been good, then the relationship will move towards the next steps, now if the attitudes have left much to be desired, their partners will be indifferent until finally both can clarify the situation. But doing so requires a lot of effort and humility on your part.


A year begins that will revolutionize the life of the calm and gentle dog, it is even possible that they will manage to get him out of their boxes, before which they will know his most ferocious bite. The dog does not bark, but bites very hard and hurts after being punished for a long time.

Your patience will reach the limit and you will tell a few truths to people around you who have invaded your territory without asking permission. Love will bring you unpleasant surprises and work will need a breath of oxygen that you will have, for your sanity, to give it.

Dogs that are in pairs will witness the crumbling of their relationship. You have done your best, but you have been very wrong and it is difficult for you to admit your mistakes. You believe that what you give is what the other person wants to receive, but you don’t stop to ask questions if you are on the right track.

You believe that with expensive gifts and being extremely faithful, a relationship is guaranteed. Nobody denies that in the past it has worked for you, but now things are different, because the person you are with is different. You still do not get used to her way of being and you take refuge in that maybe she is a little crazy, but you do not realize that all that makes the relationship wear out.

Therefore, if you want to continue as a couple, it is mandatory that you look inside and ask your partner for help to show you and tell you about theirs, otherwise, or you lose your patience and say enough, or your partner do the same, since you are not the only one who is worn out.


There is not very good news for the Pigs this year. Work bores them, family pressures them, and profession will leave them disappointed. Friends will be very present, but they will be a very bad influence, so this will also strain family relationships. The only oasis will come from the hand of love for this sign.

The joys of love will be the ones that make you smile this year. The promise of starting a family when the work situation improves will have you waiting every day. The face of the loved one will be what makes you wake up with new hope every day.

If you have been with this person for a long time, the relationship will move towards a family, but not during this year, but later. However, the latency of this plan will make your life easier.

If you are still single or single, that situation is completely reversed as of June. But since happiness is not complete, you will have the disadvantage that your family will be against it and will do everything possible so that the romance does not prosper. It will be your perseverance and your partner’s patience that will make the relationship go forward.

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